T1 Teddy becomes the 10th player to reach 1000 kills in the LCK

T1 Teddy is one of the best AD carries to play in the LCK as he constantly playing well since 2017. And in just three years T1 Teddy managed to secure his 1000 kills.

He came in everyone’s attention when he was playing for Jin Air Green Wings during 2017-2018 splits. In Jin Air, he played a total of 175 games, won 68 games and lost 107 games. But despite losing most of the games Teddy still managed to get a KDA of 4.01 and 527 kills.

He outshined himself when he joined SK Telecom T1, at the end of 2018. In SKT he played a total of 122 games, won 85 games and lost only 37 games. He currently has a 69% win rate with T1 with 7.63 KDA and managed to get 473 kills.

T1 Teddy’s overall stats reaching 1000 kills, Kills: 1000; Death: 424; Assist:1158. His overall KDA is 5+. Teddy also has the highest CS rating in League of Legends history, with a score of 1456 creep kills, breaking Zven and Bang’s record of 946 and 972 respectively.

Kills per split reaching 1000 kills:

SeasonSpring SplitSummer Split
S7 131 119
S8 173 104 
S9 193 212 
S10 59 (+9)

(Data credit lw94)

Teams he killed the most:

  1. Afreeca with 100 kills in 30 games
  2. KT with 91 kills in 31 games
  3. MVP with 84 kills in 22 games
  4. KZ/DRX with 75 kills in 24 games
  5. Sandbox with 66 kills in 13 games
  6. SKT with 65 kills in 18 games (27.8% win rate, second-worst KDA at 3.44)

7-11. GEN, Tigers, GRF, Damwon, HLE with 61-57 kills (9.47 KDA over 15 games vs Tigers)

(Data credit lw94)

T1 Teddy’s top 3 most played champions are Varus with 154 kills in 39 games, Ezreal with 138 kills in 42 games (9.22 KDA) and Xayah with 121 kills in 34 games. Teddy is also considered as a highly rated Ezreal player.

With the 1000 kills, T1 Teddy becomes the 10th LCK player to achieve this milestone. And he managed to achieve this in just three years. About how Teddy managed to get 1000 kills in just 3 years AshleyKang said, “Teddy was constantly one of the best AD carries in the LCK throughout 2017 and 2018. While he was playing for Jin Air Greenwings”.

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