SypherPk Thinks Epic Games Should Increase BR’s Player Count From 100 To Make It More Enjoyable

SypherPk a famous Fortnite Twitch streamer thinks that Fortnite should increase the number of players in a match.

Ali ‘SypherPk’ Hasan is a famous professional Fortnite player. His main identity is that he is a Fortnite Twitch streamer. He also has a very successful Youtube channel as well.

He is most famous for his educational commentaries about Fortnite. These educational videos are very helpful for new players who are eager to learn more about the complex mechanics of Fortnite.

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SypherPk thinks more players should be added

Previously SypherPk was very vocal about the changes Epic Games should bring to balance skill-based matchmaking. He also spoke out about the increasing number of bots in public matches and showed concern.

Recently he has been talking about the low number of players in a Fortnite match. He thinks that Epic Games should increase the number of players. Currently, a Fortnite match consists of 100 players.

The Fortnite map is very large for only 100 players. Sometimes only 15 players are alive even when the first circle closes. Which makes the midgame extremely boring and stale.

SypherPk thinks Epic games can solve this issue by increasing the number of players in a match. Recently Call Of Duty Warzone has decided to increase the number of players from 150 to 200. So that makes more sense for Epic Games to look into this issue.

There has been no official response from Epic Games at this moment. But I think this is an issue that Epic Games needs to look into to keep the game more interesting.

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