SypherPK Responds To Backlash Blaming Him for SBMM Returning To Fortnite

Popular Fortnite Streamer SypherPk responds to twitter backlash as Fortnite players blame him for SBMM returning to Fortnite.

Sypher Ali is a popular American Fortnite Streamer. He is more commonly knows as SypherPK. While many Fortnite Content Creators and Streamers are leaving Fortnite for new games like Valorant and Call of Duty Sypher is an exception.

He is still Streaming Fortnite and making content over on Youtube for Fortnite. He is always a very vocal critique of Epic Games. But he also doesn’t forget to congratulate Epic when they do a good job.

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But recently SypherPk has been getting a lot of hate. The reason behind this is players think he is the reason Fortnite has added back SBMM(Skill Based Match making).

A few days ago players were very happy that Fortnite removed SBMM. Players were finally happy that the chill Fortnite was back. No more sweaty tryhard lobbies.

But only after a few days of removing it Fortnite has apparently added back SBMM into squads. Many players think it’s Sypher’s fault.

So SypersPK was trending on Twitter. People thought Sypher was the reason SBMM was apparently back and they didn’t hold back on their anger.

Sypher’s Response

Fortnite Streamer SypherPk responded to the backlash on twitter. A lot of Content Creators and Streamers took Sypher’s side on this and tweeted supporting words to SypherPK. Popular Fortnite Streamer HighDistortion, Lazarbeam, Hypex all Tweeted in support of Sypher. Sypher also tweeted out his video in which he has an in-depth response to the backlash

In this video, he explained how he personally doesn’t like SBMM. He also added that with SBMM, it was not possible for top-level players to just play casually. After the presumable SMBB removal there were upwards of 90 bots in some games according to Sypher. He explains that he was worried about the high bot numbers. He also discussed a lot more things in his video.

Epic still hasn’t confirmed if SBMM was removed in the first place and later added back into the game. Let’s see what Epic does after one of the most famous Fortnite Streamer got trashed on twitter because of SBMM.

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