Sweet Anita Was Robbed During a Train Journey

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Twitch streamer Sweet Anita shares her experience of being robbed and stranded in a strange city.

Sweet Anita is a Twitch Streamer and Youtuber. She quickly gained popularity online for her Tourette’s syndrome, something that she has openly talked about. The streamer is known for involuntarily saying profanities due to a neurological disorder. Due to the nature of her ticks, her content is geared towards an adult audience.

In a Just Chat stream, the Twitch streamer got candid about being robbed in an unfamiliar city. The robbery took place yesterday, on August 2nd. The incident happened on a train, where she bumped into a strange man. After getting off the train, she realized that her wallet and train ticket were missing. She stated:

“This guy bumped into me a bit weirdly, like face on face. He was like ‘sorry, sorry’ and I was like ‘No problem’. Five seconds later we had to get off the train. And I go to look at my ticket to find out what platform I’m on next, and it’s gone.”

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She went on to say how this experience turned her life upside down, going as far as to call it “the worst f*cking day ever”. After realizing that her wallet and ticket were missing, she found herself stranded in a train station, being unable to get back home. She also revealed that she had to ask strangers for help throughout the four-hour journey. She stated:

“I had to go and approach loads of strangers who didn’t know me, firstly in London, then across the country along a 4-hour journey with many changes and explain that someone took my wallet and that I don’t have a ticket; but I need to get home and I can’t.”

Furthermore, she revealed that although her wallet was stolen, her phone was still with her. However, she explained that she couldn’t use her phone because her friend mistakenly took her charging wire.

Although, no details are known about whether she filed a police complaint or the amount stolen. We still hope that the perpetrator gets caught and she is able to recover her belongings.

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