Swain’s Prophecies – what did we get and what we may get

After Riot reworked Swain in patch 8.3, the Noxian Grand General‘s interactions mostly soul gathering ones, hinted at many things of League of Legends Universe. Some of the prophecies have already been teased by Riot and we may look at Swain’s interactions and predict what content may come in the next year and years.

What did we get, which was already vaguely teased by Swain

  • Fragment from Ashe: She claimed it was the Frost Queen’s grave. They believed her…

While this information was shown to us as expected, we did get a series of Ashe comic. We’ve seen how she got the bow and how she became the Warmother. How she found the “Frost Queen’s grave”.

  • Fragment from Bilgewater: They fight the mist above the seas, never looking beneath.

We think this is about Pyke and Swimming City. Pyke was the next champion after Kai’sa, so it only reinforces our guess!

  • Fragment from Cassiopeia: Payment of her suffering in Shurima, a Black Rose.

Not much but Cass got a bio update about how she got involved with Black Rose and transformed into what she is now. Not we’re looking for though, a bio update is too small.

  • Fragment from Freljordian: They squabble as the winds howl and the wards fade.

We added this because of the story “The Eye in the Abyss” and generally the Freljord story continuation we had. Didn’t we had a Lissandra bio update with Nunu&Willump which focused on this particular subject? We had… That was the reason.

  • Fragment from Galio: His secrets died with his sculptor…

It seems they didn’t! Sylas has discovered how to use his powers the way he wants thanks to Lux, and thanks to the book Durand left behind. Though indeed we don’t know how he came to be alive.

  • Fragment from Garen: Ignorant of the very magic you carry into battle. How Demacian.

It was always a two way between if Garen was a mage or only that his equipment contained some magic, maybe even that petricide itself was magical. But this was shown in the comic and used by Sylas against him. We can take a deep breath now that Garen is not a mage, only his equipment because of petricide contains some.

  • Fragment from Kassadin: So he’s heard the rumors, the girl who came back…

Obviously as guessed from that time, this is referring to the girl who totally is not Kassadin’s daughter. She was the right next release after Swain and overall because how straight it was, it’s basically a confirmation. But it was confirmed with Swain.

  • Fragment from Riven: She held their hands as they died, hoping they would drag her with them.

Not much, like Cass one, but it did lead to the Confessions of a Broken Blade, one of the only consecutive stories that made a major progression in the story.

  • Taunt against Piltover: The truth beneath the gilding. Only war, can bring profit.

Now, this a bit of a stretch but we know they’ve been working on Ixtal for a long time. We think it was ThermalKitten herself who said they’ve been holding themselves back from revealing stuff about new region back in 2018 PAX Q&A. So we don’t think it’s impossible to assume it was about how Piltover claimed “war” to Ixtal for resources.

  • Fragment from Warwick: She was closer than he realized.

Who are the champions Warwick is connected to?

  • Fragment from Jinx: Faces… fading in the flames… It was all her fault.

What show are we getting next year? In what setting and with which champions? EXACTLY!

All those happened as foretold by Swain, but what may we get next year

  • Fragment from Aurelion Sol: What is this about… siblings?

Even after 4 Targon releases this year, we didn’t get much Targon info. This seems like a big deal and it’d be nice if we got some hints through bio updates… Stay strong my Targonian friends.

  • Fragment from Camille: My-my, does your dear grandniece know what “C” has been up to?

Same with Warwick and Jinx fragments but we put it here because we don’t know if Caitlyn or Camille will be in the show. We did see a picture of Caitlyn with her family in the teaser though.

  • Fragment from Fiora: She spurned so many suitors… Wonder they did not see why.

All the Demacian content this year sadly skipped most of the Demacians. We are yet to see the reason for this interaction. So the rough summation of part of it is that her father was caught cheating and hit the family honor hard for that, lined up for execution. Using an old law, Fiora challenged her father for the honor and control of House Laurent, and he killed her becoming the leader.

The reason she doesn’t want to get married is simply that she would lose all her power. Under the monarchy the higher classes are a patriarchal nobility, the second she gets married she would sign off her rights of the name of House Laurent (not sure if to a sibling of to the sutor) and become a baby factory for future soldiers of the crown, however, due to challenging and winning against her father, she is pretty much the patriarch of House Laurent for the foreseeable future

  • Fragment from Ionian: Magic spills from their land like blood from a wound.

“Blood from a wound”. It’s pouring into our world without stopping. Again, why? How? What happened in the first lands even before titans from the sky descended?

  • Fragment from Kalista: The first oath, the one she made to him…

This might be referring to Ruined King as well as to Ledros? We shall see, in the Ruined King game perhaps?

  • Fragment from Katarina: He asked her to do what she could not. To kill me.

Two interpretations of this one. Either General Du Couteau asked Katarina to kill Swain, which was failed by “she” OR General Du Couteau asked Katarina to kill Swain, which Katarina failed. But one thing is for sure. Katarina’s father wanted Swain dead. After supporting his coup, why? Maybe he decided to honor the coup to not get exposed but then again… why? He isn’t even approached by the Black Rose. His own wife, Soreana, was trying to hide from him. They didn’t even try. Where does General stand in this equation?

  • Taunt against enemy Katarina: Do they know who killed your father? Or do they still blame me?

This is actually heartbreaking. WE STILL DON’T BELIEVE GENERAL IS DEAD AND IT’S CONFIRMED DIRECTLY IN A VOICE INTERACTION. But if he is… How?. But that’s why this post is for. Half of the interactions have been hinting at things that happened or will happen soon(like Arcane).

  • Fragment from Poppy: So many obsessed with the hero, tell me of the hammer.

Hammer of Orlon, founder of Demacia. Gave the hammer to his friend, Poppy and she marches on to honor his friend’s dying wish without looking to herself. But as Swain says… what is so special about the hammer? Who made it? Who gave it to Orlon?

  • Fragment from Shadow Isles: A king remains in the mist and another marches…

Back in the day, we thought this was referring to Ruined King and Mordekaiser. But now? we have no idea besides it was retconned. Mordekaiser was still thought to be connected to Shadow Isles when they made Swain rework. A lot of things changed while Mordekaiser was in development for rework.

  • Fragment from Vastayan: Those born of magic rarely realize it’s a curse, until it is too late.

We have yet another Vastayan coming but there was Neeko at the end of 2018, Neeko. Was the cataclysm that came to their island because of this curse? Or is it something we can’t even predict?

  • Fragment from Void: A pattern, spreading… It has learned to be alive.

We don’t have much Void content. In 2019 we only got Kha’zix color story and it was told by the eyes of Rengar! Here’s to hoping this monster champion is a void creature and fills in the blanks a bit about the Void in 2020.

  • Taunt against enemy Darius: It was only a matter of time Darius. Do what you must.

What will Swain do to make Darius change sides? We currently only saw him as respective and loyal to Swain.

  • Taunt against ally Darius: Your trust may be misplaced old friend, but it is appreciated.

What are you planning Swain…

  • Taunt against enemy Demacian: All roads lead to Noxus, but all visions, to Demacia…

There are world runes in the forests of Demacia, hidden by Ryze. There is, of course, Petricite which is a valuable asset. But why do his visions lead to Demacia? Is the secret to defeating the dark fate he fears can be prevented by something in Demacia?

  • Taunt against enemy Urgot: Your message is your power. You have learned nothing.

There is another reason Swain sent Urgot to Zaun other than preventing him from interfering with the coup. What? We still don’t know.




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