Superman/Geralt aka Henry Cavill showed off his first gaming pc that he built himself

Witcher and Superman star Henry Cavill build his first-ever gaming PC by himself and documented the whole process in this funny yet relatable video.

Henry Cavill is known mostly for his iconic roles as superman and monster hunter Geralt in the Witcher TV series. But he is loved in the gaming community for his love for video games. He has previously admitted to playing many games despite his busy schedule.

Usually, Celebrities seem so distant from regular people. They live the high life, enjoy lavish parties, live in Multimillion-dollar mansions. But Henry Cavill’s hobbies might similar to a lot of us. He likes to sit in his home and play games for hours and hours. Henry said it helps him relax.

He has also talked about his hobby of gaming a lot in previous interviews. his favorite game of all time is perhaps Total War: Warhammer II. He apparently completed the game over six times. He also wanted to portray the character Geralt because he fell in love with the game The Witcher 3.

Henry Cavill Builds his Own PC

In an Instagram video posted on his account, with 12.7 million followers the Witcher star documented the process of making a gaming PC on his own. The post has reached more than 370,000+ likes and more than 17k comments. The post also has more than 1.7 million views.

The video starts with him showing all the parts of his new build set to Barry White’s “You’re the First, the Last, My Everything,”. Then we see him going through the instruction manuals for the motherboard. He then tries to install the CPU core into his motherboard.

We get a warning that the gold pins on the CPU are sensitive and we have to be gentle with it. The music fades to a soft tune and we see him carefully putting in the CPU in the appropriate position after a few tries.

Henry then tries to put the Cooling pad in place which he ultimately places upside-down. After that we see him struggling with the big radiators and cooling fans. He scurries through the manuals a few times to get them right. All the other part installations go very smoothly and we can see him booting up his PC for the first time.

Astonishingly it boots up on the first try. That usually doesn’t happen to most people. He then points out the biggest flaw. The cooling pad installed the wrong way evident by the upside-down number.

He then begins the tedious process of taking things apart, rotating the position of the cooling pad, and putting everything back again.

Apparently the build took him a full day prevalent by the outside lighting. He starts during the daytime. By the time he boots his PC, we can see darkness starting to settle in outside his window. So he spent a full day trying to build his own PC.

While pros might argue that is a long time but for Henry Cavill, this time is commendable because it is his first time building a PC on his own.

This PC build by Henry Cavill will inspire a lot of people to dabble in the world of gaming. Hopefully, it will also help remove the misconceptions people have about gaming.

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