Suicide Squad game officially confirmed by Rocksteady

After a plethora of rumors regarding the next Rocksteady title; Suicide Squad game now confirmed to be in the works.

The Batman Arkham series developers, Rocksteady has announced that their next DC game will be a Suicide Squad game. Furthermore, they will show more details of the game at the DC FanDome event.

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Hence, we can know more about the type of game this Suicide Squad entry will be on the 22nd of August. This announcement was given by the official Rocksteady Studio Twitter account, along with a poster.

Surprisingly enough, the poster shows Superman with a crosshair on his head, labeled “Suicide Squad”. Therefore, a lot of possibilities are available regarding the gameplay. Will the player play as Superman or Justice League fighting against the Suicide Squad, or will they play as the Suicide Squad, and wreak havoc. Maybe we will get to do both.

Although, earlier leaks on different forums talked about a Justice League game. One of those leaks associated with a URL of So we can be pretty sure that this time the players will take the side of anarchy.

The Suicide Squad became heavily mainstream after multiple movies and animated shows. A game about the ragtag group of anti-heroes is a very welcome entry. In fact, considering Rocksteady’s track record with the Arkham franchise, especially their fluid combat mechanics. This new title being already hyped among gamers is something to be expected.

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