Stylosa on Riot’s Cancelled Valorant Event

Riot cancels the hands-on event for Valorant

Stylosa one of the content creators that were invited to Riots’ canceled event regarding Valorant shared his disappointment.

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He shared how cool pics of the invitation for the event and exclaimed that even though he is disappointed, health always comes first. The alleged event was canceled due to COVID 19 becoming a worldwide phenomenon at this point.

Since COVID 19 at this point in time is technically considered to be a pandemic, Riot officials did the right thing and canceled the event outright. The spread of the coronavirus has closed down many educational institutes at this point.

To make sure the outbreak is contained the officials have made all the necessary action they could. Many are also speculated that this outbreak might have delayed the open beta of Valorant that was supposed to hit this week.

Although devs apparently dismissed any rumor of any open beta for Valorant this weekend. There are still those who believe that Riot might launch the open beta sometime later this month. Since there is still no official confirmation, it is considered good practice to take such news with a grain of salt.

With the hands-on event being canceled indefinitely, when will Riot launch the public beta will be interesting to see? COVID 19 at this point is responsible for the cancelation of a dozen conventions and Esports tournaments.

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