Streamer Nick Eh 30 Shows How to Reboot Teammates Safely using this Simple Trick

Fortnite streamer Nick Eh 30 recently showed us how to reboot a teammate from inside the safety of a car.

Nicholas Amyoony or better known online as Nick Eh 30 is a Canadian Youtuber, Streamer, and professional Fortnite player. Nick is a regular Twitch streamer who is famous for his wholesome Fortnite content.

Nick started his streaming career with ‘The Last of Us’. But Nick got the biggest boost in 2017 when he switched to streaming Fortnite. He still plays and streams Fortnite daily and is respected among the Fortnite community. Recently he showed off an amazing yet simple trick to safely reboot teammates.

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Safely Reboot teammates

Recently Nick Eh 30 was streaming Fortnite and one his teammates needed rebooting. That’s when he showed off this simple trick to safely reboot a teammate. In the video shared by Nick Eh 30 on his twitter account, we can see him driving a car towards a reboot van.

Any other person would get out of the car and try to reboot his teammate. But Nick Eh 30 performed a slide with his car and placed the driver side of the car near the reboot van and started rebooting.

This is such a simple trick yet so awesome. Rebooting a teammate while in a car has so many benefits. The car has over 2000 health so if enemies try to shoot. you are protected from almost all sides. You can also run away quickly by driving the car.

After watching this clip of Nick Eh 30 I think I will always try to reboot teammates using a car for that extra bit of safety.

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