Streamer Figures Out How To Play Fall Guys Using Only One Button

A Twitch Streamer by the name Rudeism has figured out how to play Fall Guys using only one button.

Rudeism is a 29-year-old Twitch streamer famous for using obscure controllers to play games. He is also a game designer which allows him to make weird controllers and code them to work. This time he has found a new weird controller to play Fall Guys.

Fall Guys has become hugely popular since it’s release. It is a Battle Royale style game show where players play to be the last one to qualify. It sold more than 2 million copies on steam on its first week of release. On steam, it had more than 100k concurrent players.

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Fall Guys Using Only One Button

Rudeism has done some coding to make the one-button setup work. He made some changes to the button so he can do everything with only one button. He does everything from moving the camera to jumping to diving only with one button.

People who played Fall Guys know how hard it is to even play with all buttons, imagine playing with only one button. His main target now is to get a win with only using one button. You can check out how his quest for victory is going using only one button on his Twitch channel.

We will have to wait and see if he can actually manage to get a win in Fall Guys using only one button.

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