Streamer Adin Ross Claims Andrew Tate’s Accuser is a B**ch and should be in Jail

Popular streamer Adin Ross recently said that the person who accused Andrew Tate is a bi*ch and should be in jail.

Adin Ross is a popular internet personality and streamer from the USA. He gained popularity through his Twitch channel, which now has more than 7 million followers. Since May 2020, he started getting viewers and followers rapidly on Twitch. Some of his most streamed games on twitch are NBA 2k20, GTA V, Fortnite, etc.

Adin Ross also has a YouTube channel called “Adin Live” with over 3.5M subscribers. He usually uploads clips from his Twitch stream on his YouTube. Twitch has a history of banning and unbanning Adin Ross multiple times in the past. He has already been banned 5 times in the years 2020 and 2021.

Apparently, Adin has been having some trouble with Twitch for the past few days. He also accused Twitch of silencing him and threatening a permanent ban for some of the content that he creates. Recently, Adin Announced that he is moving to Kick and will start streaming there.

After starting to stream on Kick, Adin is once again in the headlines because of a comment he made regarding Andrew Tate.

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Adin’s Thoughts on Tate’s Accuser:

In the video clip, Adin says,

“By the way, if that news is true. If a girl really framed him, the girl deserves to go to Romania prison for life, solitary confinement”.

Adin then stumbles on the word ‘confinement’ a couple of times and finally gave up, saying,

“Whatever the f**k it is, bro, I don’t know. Do I look like a f**king cop, I don’t know.”

Finally, Adin slams his desk and utters the following words,

“Send that b**ch to f**king jail”.

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