Streamer Accidentally Dislocated His Shoulder After Losing in Fall Guys

A Streamer has dislocated his shoulder playing Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is an extremely popular battle royale game that plays more like a game show. It was inspired by TV shows like Takeshi’s Castle and Wipeout. In this game, you play as a Jellybean with hands and legs and try to cross obstacles in order to qualify. The game starts off with 60 players but after a series of obstacles and platform races, only one is the winner.

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Streamer Dislocates His Shoulder

Sometimes losing in video games can be pretty frustrating. Often people get frustrated with a game after losing and break their monitor, keyboard, and controllers, etc. Fall Guys is a game that can make you frustrated pretty fast if you are losing.

That was the case with a streamer named HippieDude12345. He was streaming Fall Guys on his Twitch channel and was at one of the last levels called Fall Mountain. In Fall Mountain you have to run up a slope with obstacles and grab the Crown to get the win.

He was doing pretty good until a spinning hammer knocked him and two other players got the Crown. In frustration, HippieDude12345 swung his hand maybe a bit too fast, and accidentally dislocated his shoulder. This is the first time a streamer has dislocated his shoulder playing Fall Guys.

We then see him in pain and shortly after he ended his stream.

Another Streamer Dislocated his shoulder

HippieDude12345 is not the only streamer to dislocate his shoulder. Another streamer dislocated his shoulder trying to do the whip motion on his stream. You can watch the clip here.

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