Stray: How To Get & Use Energy Drinks

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One of the coolest collectibles in Stray is the four Energy Drinks. You will have to get and use these Energy Drinks to complete a new challenge! Kindly keep reading this article to know the most straightforward steps to get these drinks and learn how to use them.

You can experience your life as an exceptional cat and have a new adventure in the latest charming game Stray. In this game, players have quests to complete, and finally, their main task is to reunite the cutest feline with its family. Sometimes there would be attacks from enemies in these robots, the viruses-filled world of Stray, and you must survive it.

One of the essential resources in Energy Drinks. There will be a new NPC called Merchant Azooz. You have to gather Energy Drinks and use them as currency and complete a quest at the end. There are in total of four Energy Drinks.

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How To Get Energy Drinks in Stray

As there are 4 Energy Drinks, finding each of them will be a new adventure for you.

Follow the steps below to get the Energy Drinks:

Energy Drink: 01

You can find the First Energy Drink with the following steps:

Meet The Guardian

First of all, you will need to meet the red-robe guardian. He will tell you about the drinks.

Vending Machine

After that, head to the Vending Machine on that road. You will find this machine if you go left and walk forward to the elevator. After you see the Vending Machine, tap on the button on the machine to get the First Energy Drink.

You can also spot this Vending Machine by seeing a robot sitting on the ground creating music.

After tapping that button, the Energy Drink will fall to the ground; pick it up and start for your Second Energy Drink adventure.

energy drinks stray

Energy Drink: 02

You can find the Second Energy Drink with the following steps:

Walk The Alley

Go back to where you met the guardian and walk to the alley to your right.

The Slums

Keep walking in that alley, and you will find another Vending Machine on the wall of the Slums.

Get the Second Energy Drink like before.

Energy Drink: 03

You can find the Third Energy Drink with the following steps:

Find The Sitting Robot

After getting the Second Energy Drink, go down that alley, and you will soon see another robot sitting on the stairs. Follow that path to find the Third Vending Machine.


You will be able to see the Third Vending Machine above that robot. So jump on that building and get the Third Energy Drink.

Energy Drink: 04

You can find the Fourth and Final Energy Drink with the following steps:


Go to the rooftop after you get your Third Energy Drink. On the rooftop, you will see a robot and an empty sofa beside him. Jump down from that roof and get on the first floor’s balcony.

Stray: How to Get & Use Energy Drinks

Click, Click and Click Again!

You will find that Fourth Vending Machine on that balcony and tap on it to get the Fourth and Final Energy Drink.

Stray: How to Get & Use Energy Drinks

This is the easiest way to get all four Energy Drinks.

How To Use Energy Drinks in Stray

After you get the Energy Drinks, you may want to use them to go forward in your gameplay.

You can use these for the following purposes:

Buy B12’s Memory

Azooz is the one who will deal with you in exchange for these Energy Drinks. Therefore, you can purchase and get B12’s Memory with these Energy Drinks in your possession.

B12’s memories are significant to get back to your family.

Morusque’s Sheet Music

While completing the hectic challenges in Stray, you will need some music to recover. And there is no music better than Morusque’s.

You can buy his sheet music in exchange for the Energy Drinks.

These are the uses of these cool Energy Drinks in Stray! Best of luck at finding them all.

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