Stray Bullet Flies into Twitch Streamer BlessXBlessx’s Room during Livestream

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: BlessxBlessx Twitch

Twitch streamer BlessXBlessx’s stream on February 9 had a really scary incident as a stray bullet hit her room from an outside shooting.

A Twitch streamer called Blessx recently met an unfortunate situation while streaming. On February 9, Blessx was streaming as usual when suddenly, a stray bullet entered her room. Apparently, a drive-by shooting happened nearby, resulting in stray bullets entering her room.

Blessx’s fans witnessed the event live and were suggesting different actions bless could take to stay safe. Bless later revealed on Twitter that she was alright although she received a big scare. She wrote,

“I’m blessed to be here & honestly you never Fuckin know what could happen!!”

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The clip of the stray bullet entering her room soon became viral and was being shared on social media websites like Twitter, Tiktok, Reddit, 9gag, etc. Bless herself also shared the clip on her Twitter so others can learn what to do when a situation similar to hers happens.

In the clip Bless said,

“Stray bullets hit my stream room while I was Live. Bullet holes were found in my Living room and towards my stream room. What you actually wanna do is get low and get down on the ground. I was just in shock cause I live alone. I was really scared and panicked.”

The clip then shows the moment the bullet sounds were heard during Blessx’s Livestream. After hearing some loud bangs during Livestream Blessx said,

“They’re shooting” over and over again. She also visibly recoiled and looked scared to death.

Blessx’s fans were all relieved that the incident did not harm her in any way. Some even said in the chat that, serious injury could have occurred as stray bullets can even ricochet and hit someone.

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Nawshad Noor is a former Editor at GameRiv.