Strange COD Modern Warfare bug is allowing players to enjoy 3rd Person Perspective

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: Activision

A recently surfaced bug in Modern Warfare is apparently allowing players to experience the 3rd Person perspective in-game.

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After a decade of First Person shooting and storytelling, an absurd Modern Warfare bug has finally revealed a short impression of TPP in Call of Duty. TPP has been a mainstream feature in popular Battle Royale games since 2018. PUBG PC and Fortnite players are already familiar with TPP; in fact, PUBG even lets you switch between FPP & TPP during active game sessions.

However, a recently uploaded video by a Redditor named u/lIllIlIIlIIl gives us an accurate representation of TPP in Call of Duty. In the post, the player can be seen smoothly running around at Downtown while every game mechanics is in perfect order. According to the player, a potential exploit in the revival procedure triggered the bug. When asked about the triggering method by another Redditor, yungheisenberg666, the player stated, “A teammate left while I picked him up (he was downed and left mid revive).”

Several players are in absolute delight to witness this exploit. Many Call of Duty player has been requesting a TPP option in certain Call of Duty game modes for ages. The last time fans got a chance to play Call of Duty in TPP was back during the MW2’s finest hour. Activision did manage to arrange a TPP game mode, but it was a limited experience.

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Nevertheless, Activision is dealing with multiple game-breaking bugs in Warzone at this moment; one such bug is literally allowing players to secure free kills from outside of Verdansk. Activision is yet to recognize this bug’s presence, but it’s definitely getting fixed anytime soon.

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