Steelrising coming to PS5, Xbox Series X, PC

Spider Studio’s next big game Steelrising will be a mecha-era setting of the French revolution.

Publisher Nacon, along with developer Spider Studio has unveiled an alternate timeline of French History, with Steelrising. Furthermore, the game will be arriving on Xbox Series X, PS5, and PC.

Steelrising is based on the French Revolution, but with a mechanized twist. The game will feature robots and other mechanized contraptions and environments for the player to explore.

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King  Louis XVI has deployed armadas of killer robots to wage war against the revolution. Aegis, a mecha bodyguard for Queen Marie-Antoinette, will travel and fight through historic French landmarks, to suppress the tyrannical French King.

The game will focus on action, discovery, and exploration; emphasizing vertical exploration. The game will feature different classes of weapons for different playstyle. From light weapons for the sleek and agile to heavy, for the all-out hitters; in addition to long-range rifles.

Furthermore, Steelrising will have a gear system, which will allow players to unlock different gears through various quests. No in-depth details of gameplay nor a release date is out yet. Maybe it will offer some sort of crafting.

Although seems very interesting, we can only wait to know more about Spider’s next big epic.

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