Steam Deck Reaches 3rd Position in Steam Top Sales This Week

Steam Deck’s popularity is already starting to show with it’s massive number of preorders.

Valve recently introduced the Steam Deck Handheld Console to rival Nintendo Switch. This announcement made a stir in the world of gaming. The Steam Deck has looks similar to the Nintendo Switch and can apparently play almost all Steam Library games.

Some people on the Internet are even callingit the Switch Killer because of it’s similar price range and features. The starting price of the Steam Deck is $399 which is just a little bit more than the Nintendo Switch.

The reservations for preorder of the Steam Deck has already begun on Steam’s Website. But already the Steam Deck is beginning to climb the Steam sales Top Chart.

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Steam Top Sellers:

Daniel Ahmed on Twitter recently reported on the Steam top Sellers for the week ending July 18th. He recently made a tweet sharing this information. According to the Tweet, the Steam Deck is number 3rd on the Steam Top sellers list. The top 10 Steam sellers are given below-

1. MH Stories 2
2. F1 2021
3. Steam Deck
4. F1 2021 (Deluxe)
5. She will punish them
6. Valve Index VR Kit
7. Swords of Legends Online
8. TW: Warhammer II (DLC)
9. New World (Pre-Order)
10. New World (Pre-Order)

The Steam Deck is seemingly heading for the top of the Steam Top sellers list. It’s just in it’s pre-order state and still managed to take one of the top spots.

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