Starfield: Best Europium Farming Spots

Adib Pritom
By Adib Pritom
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Here are the best Europium farming spots in Starfield.

Starfield has many features that make the space exploration game so fun for the players. It’s a tale of an epic adventure in the Settled Systems, and the players will have to do everything they can to survive. From crafting weapon mods to creating new items, there’s a lot to create in the world of Starfield.

To craft anything, players will need to collect the required resources first. These resources can be extracted from over a thousand planets in the game. Several resources, from common to rare, can only be found on specific planets. Europium is a valuable tier-three resource for the players to upgrade their weapons. Europium can be found on quite a few planets in the game. However, not every planet has an abundance of Europium.

Best Europium Farming Spots in Starfield

While you can farm Europium from many different planets, few have much of this resource on it. There are only 49 planets/moons in the whole Starfield universe that have Europium. These planets/moons are perfect for setting up outposts to extract some Europium.

  • Alpha Marare V of the Alpha Marae System.
  • Andraphon, a moon of Sumati planet of the Narion System.
  • Gryphus, a moon of Danra planet of the Narion System.
  • Andromas III of the Andromas System.
  • Ananke of the Olympus System.
  • Tirna VI-B of the Alpha Tirna System.
  • Smet of the Olympus System.
  • Eridani IV-C, moon of Eridani IV planet of the Eridani System.
  • Eridani VII-C, the moon of the Eridani VII planet of the Eridani System.

Scan it once you have made your way to any of the planets with Europium. You can identify the resource Europium by the sign Eu on your scan. Land on the planet, and build an outpost on it to get as much Europium as you can from the planet.

It can be hard to farm Europium in the early phase of the game, as most of these Systems are quite far from where you will be, so it’s most likely that you won’t have enough to complete these grav jumps. You can also buy Europium from several vendors once you have reached level 20. Some of these vendors are:

  • Jemison Mercantile, New Atlantis, Jemison
  • Midtown Minerals, Akila City, Akila
  • Jane’s Goods, Cydonia, Mars
  • General Goods, The Key, Suvorov
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters, Neon, Volii Alpha
  • Mining League, Neon, Volii Alpha

All Europium Farming Locations in Starfield

Piazzi V-CPiazzi
Porrima I-BPorrima
Porrima III-APorrima
Tau Ceti VII-ATau Ceti
Charybdis IICharybdis
Freya IFreya
Freya IVFreya
Freya IX-CFreya
Ixyll III-AIxyll
Ixyll VI-CIxyll
Linnaeus VLinnaeus
Leviathan IILeviathan
Feynman IXFeynman
Hyla II-AHyla
Kumasi VII-AKumasi
Fermi II-AFermi
Fermi III-A Fermi
Fermi VII-BFermi
Muphrid I-BMuphrid
Shoza VII-CShoza
Piazzi IV-APiazzi
Piazzi VI-APiazzi
Decaran IIDecaran II
Alpha Marae VAlpha Marae
Andromas IIIAndromas
Jaffa Vi-C Jaffa
Eridani IV-BEridani
Eridani VII-CEridani
Ternion I Alpha Ternion
Bel III-CBel
Marduk V-AMarduk

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