Starfield: All Religions

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You want forgiveness? Get Reiligion!

Starfield has been edged into our minds as a game of vast possibilities and options. Bethesda has done its best to make the RPG as lively and real-worldly as possible. And they are certainly successful in executing it. The game has become very interactive due to the incorporation of different ideologies, doctrines, and perspectives for players to follow. On such matters of interest present in Starfield are religions.

The Settled Systems has its own version of religious factions with defined ideology and in-depth lore. And all these religions have Substantial following and activities. Moreover, the game also has real-world beliefs present in it, making it feel more natural. And we can follow or pursue these religions and benefit from them during our missions. This guide will give you a brief explanation of All Religions in Starfield.

All Religions in Starfield

Starfield: All Religions
Image Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Besides the real-life religions in Starfield, there are three exclusive religious factions present in Settled Systems. They are: 

  • Sanctum Universum
  • The Enlightened
  • House Va’runn

Sanctum Universum

The followers of this religion call themselves “Universals” and believe in the existence of a God present somewhere in the infiniteness of the space. They believe mankind’s ability to explore space is derived from God and is a way of reaching the Divine Existence. This young but thriving religion in Starfield has its headquarters stationed in New Atlantis. 

The Enlightened

This religion has its roots in atheism, and its followers deny the existence of any divine God. They believe in peaceful coexistence by helping each other. They answer questions of existence by building harmonious relations with each other. The Enlightened religion has also stationed its headquarters in New Atlantis.

House Va’runn

They are more of a cult than a religion. This religion declares the existence of a Great Serpent who rules this universe. And according to its followers, there will come a time when this Great Serpent will devour those who deny this religion. This religion has very well-defined lore, so you can explore more about its secrets if you wish to join it.

How to Join Religions in Starfield

You can opt for a Religion during your Character Creation in Starfield. You will have to select one of the following traits according to your preferred ideology/religion:

  • Raised Enlightened (The Enlightened)
  • Raised Universal (Sanctum Universum)
  • Serpent’s Embrace (House Va’ruun)

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