Stardew Valley: Top 7 Best Animals

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Here are the best animals to keep in Stardew Valley if you want to build an animal farm.

Stardew Valley is the perfect RPG to sit back, relax, and enjoy your free time. The game offers a variety of opportunities to build as you like. In this farm simulation game, you get to farm whatever crop you want or build whichever farm you want to. Animal Farm is a great way to earn in Stardew Valley.

You can have several animals in the game on your farm. Each of these animals provides some kind of product that you can sell, much like the real-life scenario. Few animals are better than others in delivering profit. So, if you are looking for the best animals to keep in your Stardew Valley farm to gain the maximum profit, this list will help you.

Top 7 Best Animals in Stardew Valley

7. Rabbit

The first entry to our list is the Rabbit. The rabbit can be a good source of wool in Stardew Valley. One rabbit will cost you 8,000 gold and require a Deluxe Coop to get a rabbit. A rabbit can also drop a Rabbit’s Foot. These wool and rabbit’s foot can be sold for a good amount of gold. Wool can also be used to craft clothes. However, Rabbits don’t reproduce in Stardew Valley, so there’s not much they can offer apart from the wool and rabbit’s foot.

6. Goat

Goats are a great source of milk. However, they do not produce much milk compared to others in Stardew Valley. This is the only item they can offer in the game. A goat will cost you 4,000 gold. You can make Goat Cheese from the Goat Milk. Unlike a cow, a goat doesn’t offer milk every day. If your goat is being cared for, it can produce Large Goat Milk, giving you a good profit when sold.

5. Ostrich

Ostriches are among the most challenging animals to see in Stardew Valley because you can only find them by exploring the Volcano Dungeon. An ostrich can give eggs weekly; a healthy ostrich egg can be sold for 1200 gold. Using a mayonnaise machine, you can also produce ten jars of mayonnaise from an ostrich egg and then sell it for a good profit. While ostrich can bring you quite a good profit, their low egg production rate puts them far down our list.

4. Cow

When you think about an animal farm, you probably imagine a farm with cows. The cow is also among the best animals for your Stardew Valley animal farm. A grown-up cow can provide you with milk daily, which can be sold for quite a profit. You can also use this milk to produce Cheese and then sell them. However, you must keep your cows happy to get a consistent milk supply from them. Making your cows unhappy will decrease their milk production while keeping them happy will help you to get more milk.

3. Sheep

Sheep are among the best animals to keep on your farm in Stardew Valley. They can provide you with their wool, which can be sold for a good amount of gold. If your sheep are well nourished, they will grow this wool faster. These wools can also be used to craft items like clothes and be sent to your friends as gifts. A sheep is not cheap; one will cost 8000 gold, and you will require a Deluxe Barn to unlock Sheep in Stardew Valley.

2. Golden Chickens

Golden Chickens are one of the rarest animals to get in the game. It is post-game content and can only be acquired after getting 100% Stardew Valley perfection. You can get the Golden Chicken from the Marnie’s, which will cost 100,000 gold, or from the Walnut Room by spending 100 Qi Gems. During some events, the Golden Witch can also drop some Golden Eggs in your coop, which can hatch the Golden Chicken. A Golden Chicken takes up to six days in-game to hatch. Have you heard of the golden goose from the children’s fable? The golden chickens are just like that. They can lay one golden egg daily, and you can sell each egg for 1,000 gold.

1. Pigs

Pigs are the best and most expensive animal you can get on your farm in Stardew Valley. They cost 16,000 gold from Marnie’s Ranch, but they can potentially provide a return on your investment. In Stardew Valley pigs can produce truffles while they are outside of their barn. A pig makes three truffles each day on average. You can also create Truffle Oil from these Truffles to profit by selling them for 1,491 gold. You will need a Deluxe Barn to get a Pig. Having more pigs will result in more profit for your farm, as more pigs will produce more truffles.

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