Stardew Valley: Top 5 Best Weapons

Akib Aditya Khan
By Akib Aditya Khan
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Here is a top 5 ranking of the best weapons in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley is not just any farming simulator game; it also includes a lot of underground explorations for you to finish. While exploring through the mines in Stardew Valley, you will often be attacked by different types of enemies and will be required to fight them off. Equipping yourself with the best weapons in Stardew Valley will make it easier for you to stay safe in the mines. In Stardew Valley, you will have a large list of weapons to choose from; however, each of them needs to be unlocked or purchased separately.

There are four types of weapons in Stardew Valley: Swords, Daggers, Clubs, and Slingshots. Each of the weapons comes with its own damage output and stat boost. If you are still a beginner in Stardew Valley, you might have a hard time choosing the best weapon to pick among all the options. In this guide, we will rank the top five weapons in Stardew Valley for you to choose and pick the best weapons in Stardew Valley.

Top 5 Best Weapons in Stardew Valley

#5 Galaxy Hammer

Galaxy Hammer Stardew Valley

The Galaxy Hammer is the strongest weapon among all the Galaxy Weapons in Stardew Valley. However, it can only be obtained by the members of the Adventurers Guild exclusively and takes up a hefty payment of 75,000g. The Galaxy Hammer has a base damage output of 70-90 and a stat boost of +2 Speed and +5 Weight. The range of the hammer makes it a wonderful pick for going against strong hordes of enemies or monsters.

#4 Dragontooth Club

Dragontooth Club Stardew Valley

Although Clubs restrict your movement speed by a lot, the damage output of the Dragontooth Club makes it a worthy choice to sacrifice the speed. The Dragontooth Club is a great weapon to equip while going against tough enemies. This weapon has a base damage range of 80-100 with a CRIT Power of +50 and +5 Weight. The Dragontooh Club is an extremely rare weapon to find, which needs to be searched at the Volcano Dungeon.

#3 Master Slingshot

Master Slingshot Stardew Valley

The Master Slingshot is the only slingshot weapon available in Stardew Valley. This weapon is judged as a hugely underrated weapon by many. However, the Master Slingshot is one of the best weapons in Stardew Valley to deal damage to enemies from a distance. The slingshot might not match the damage output with other weapons, but certainly makes up for it with the range and mobility that it provides. In order to increase the damage of this weapon, you must equip it with ammunition that inflicts more damage. The Master Slingshot can be obtained from the Floor 70 of the mine.

#2 Infinity Blade

Infinity Blade Stardew Valley

The Infinity Blade is undoubtedly the strongest sword of Stardew Valley, with a damage output of 80-100. Combine a Galaxy Sword with Cinder Shards and Galaxy Souls at the Volcano Forge to obtain an Infinity Blade. The sword also provides an impressive stat boost of +4 Speed and +2 Defense, making it one of the fastest and most accurate weapons in the whole game. Although you might be required to put a lot of hard work into obtaining this sword, the outcome of this achievement will surely make the effort worth it.

#1 Infinity Gavel

Dragontooth Club

The Infinity Gavel is undoubtedly the strongest weapon in the game, with the highest damage among all the available weapons in Stardew Valley. Combine a Galaxy Hammer with Cinder Shards and Galaxy Souls at the Volcano Forge to obtain an Infinity Gavel. However, considering the advantage this weapon will give you throughout the game, the effort is completely worth it. This weapon also provides the following stat boosts: +2 Speed, +1 Defense, and +5 Weight.

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