Star Wars shooter in development by EA according to rumors

A small-scale Star Wars shooter rumored to be in development under EA, as per new rumors. Planned to release this year.

EA has been under lots of criticism after canceling new Star Wars games and the disappointing lack of content and pay to win formula for new Battlefront games. Even though the games were excellent to play. It felt too monotonous for the lack of variety and microtransactions. Especially in the sequel Battlefront 2. Where the game faced harsh reception for absurd microtransactions. No matter how great the game played.

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As a result gamers kind of lost faith in EA when it came to developing Star Wars. But their recent entries such as Respawn’s Jedi: Fallen Order, and Squadrons, gained enough praise for fans to revive some hope for EA. Both are wonderful games with little to no microtransactions that hinders the gameplay experience. Furthermore, they managed to provide excellent single-player experiences.

Now a new leak post on Reddit by user OrcaOrcaisnotalone confirms a new Star Wars shooter is in development by EA. Additionally, the game will be small-scaled, hence won’t be similar to Battlefront. Maybe something like Republic Commando. That would be just perfect.

The rumor mentions that the new Star Wars game by EA will be released in late 2021. So, near to the holiday season. This means we will probably see a trailer in the coming months. Rumors are to be taken lightly. But the same user also leaked Knights of the Old Republic’s apparent release for modern generations.

Disney made all Star Wars games to be produced under the Lucasfilm games banner, additionally, the games are no longer exclusive to EA. In fact, Ubisoft is also working on an open-world Star Wars game. Whether it is Knights of the Old Republic or something new we do not know.

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