STALKER 2 gets an official gameplay teaser Trailer

GSC Game World just released an official teaser trailer for STALKER 2.

GSC Game World is ending 2020 on a high after dropping an in-engine gameplay teaser trailer for STALKER 2. The 30-second teaser did not show much but it sure has fans excited for the long-awaited sequel. The in-engine gameplay showed a little of how the game was going to look like with its release date due in 2021.

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The game was announced way back in 2018 and will release in 2021. It is still far from its release but we can expect some gameplay soon in the coming months. The teaser trailer for STALKER 2 did not show much but had enough to get everyone excited for the game.

The footage showed the player run through a few rooms and a broken hallway. Through the eyes of Skif, the protagonist of the game, we saw a tree falling through the broken wall in the hallway. Moving further into the house campfire is seen and, the background goes red. The teaser ends with the protagonist looking at his tablet while the entire room turns red.

GSC Game World explained in an interview how the game feels.”Fast-paced change of scenery, ominous landscapes, and the ever-present feeling of an inevitable danger accompanied by a barely-distinguishable guitar soundtrack.”

The game is still not near finished but, it sure does look promising. STALKER 2 is coming out first on Xbox Series X | S and PC at some point this year.

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