Splatoon 3 – Best 5 Sub Weapons

Here is the complete list of all the best sub-weapons in Splatoon 3.

The best and most beautiful part of Splatoon games has always been the combat style and weapons. Well, suppose Spaltoon 3 brings all that and more for its fans to enjoy until the next one comes in. One of the biggest changes inside the Spaltoon 5 is the weapons that have joined the sequel. Apart from the primary weapons, the sub-weapons inside Splatoon 3 can also be very important. So we have made a complete guide on the Best 5 Sub weapons inside Splatoon 3.

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Best 5 Sub Weapons In Splatoon 3

Sub Weapons in Splatoon 3 contain all kinds of weapons, including gadgets, explosives, and main weapons. Players will need ink to use them, just like every other weapon in the game. There are around 14 sub-weapons inside Splatoon 3, so it can be tough to choose the best. However, below we have listed the 5 best weapons you can use in the game.

5) Fizzy Bomb

Fizzy Bomb
Credit- Nintendo

This weapon is an interesting type of weapon, as it has the opposite mechanisms of a grenade. When someone generally takes the pin off the grenade, you must release it as soon as possible. However, with the Fizzy Bomb, the longer you hold it, the more damage it will do.

4) Torpedo 

Credit- Nintendo

Splatoon games have always had an interesting life of weapons and another bomb with a twist in it. If you throw a Torpedo close to an opponent, the Torpedo will shift shape and go towards them. In fact, it will explode on contact and cause a good amount of damage. The downsides of it are that players can shoot it down, and it will not activate until and unless it hits the target or area.

3) Splash Wall

Splash Wall
Credit- Nintendo

You can throw a splash wall at the ground to make small waterfall ink that will give you and your teammates cover. There are few defensive strategies to follow in a fast pace shooter game. However, there are times or matches where these might come into play.

Splatoon 3 has a defensive weapon called Splash wall which can be an addition to your arsenal when you are playing ranked modes and have to defend your team against the enemy.

2) Curling Bomb

Curling Bomb
Credit- Nintendo

Curling Bomb might be one of the most sound bombs in the game, as it not only does damage but helps you escape situations. For example, the Curling Bomb will leave an ink trail behind it so you can swim through it and jump to locations easily. In addition, you can charge it to have a bigger blast radius and path. The only downside of this Bomb is that it can only leave a straight trail.

1) Splat Bomb

Splat Bomb
Credit- Nintendo

The last weapon, the best in the game, is Splat Bomb. Even though it is the most basic weapon you can find in the section of sub-weapons, it is very effective if you use it well. Acting like a grenade, however, since this is Splatoon, everything is about colors and ink. Splat Bomb releases ink upon explosion, limiting your opponents to score points and look for cover. It can be a very good weapon to use in any mode inside the game.

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