Spellbreak Roadmap Announced

Spellbreak announced their future roadmap and it discusses their plans for the game going forward.

Spellbreak is a free-to-play, class-based battle royale game developed by the American studio Proletariat. It is an epic fantasy action spellcasting game where players fight to become an all-powerful battlemage. Spellbreak at its core is a fantasy battle royale where you fight other mages using spells in order to be the last mage standing.

In Spellbreak you can use a variety of spells such as wind, ice, poison fire, earth, etc. Players can wield two types of spells at a time and these spells can be combined to produce secondary effects on top of their primary elements. Spellbreak released recently on September 3, 2020, as a free to play game on the Epic Launcher.

Recently Proletariat released their plans regarding Spellbreak as a roadmap style article on their official website. Here I will be going through all of the things that Proletariat has planned for their game moving forward.

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Spellbreak Roadmap


For short term changes the Spellbreak team is focusing mainly on the patch 1.1. They are going to focus on all of the bugs that were revealed post-launch. The Spellbreak development team will also work to bring some quality of life changes including aim assist balance, and updates to sound effects.

In addition to the bug fixes and quality of life changes, we will also be getting two new runes called Shadowstep and Chronomaster. Runes allow the players to throw in an extra special ability during the fights. Shadowstep rune allows the player to dash a short distance and become invisible for a short duration while Chronomaster allows the player to rewind time in order to get back lost health and armor.

Free to play Battle Royale Spellbreak
Credit: Proletariat


In a period of 1-3 months Spellbreak will introduce these following features-

  • The beginnings of the Chapter system will reunite you with Avira Emberdane, who will help further hone your skills as a battlemage, and earn some tasty cosmetics along the way.
  • Clash, our 9v9 team deathmatch mode, will kick-off during the Prologue. Clash is an excellent way to blow off steam and get into some non-stop Spellbreak combat as you battle another team in a race to a predetermined number of exiles. (It’s also great for completing some of the harder quests!)
  • It’s time for a spooky Holloween (not canon!). Some tricks and treats will be coming to the store. 
  • Three new 3-point Talents. Your builds are about to get a lot harder to plan!
  • New (and some reworked) Consumables, including a brand new gameplay-affecting one.

They also plan to focus on telling the story by giving players story related quests in the future.


Long-term features that were discussed in the roadmap could take months to come out as they are in the early stages of development.

More gauntlets, classes, elements, runes, etc

We will be introduced to new gauntlets, classes, elements and runes going forward.

Ranked / Competitive Modes-

The Spellbreak team is considering all of the feedback they got from the community and are considering adding a ranked/competitive mode. The dynamic combat and skills make it an excellent candidate for competitive modes. The addition of some sort of ranked mode can make players know if they truly are the greatest battle mage or not.

Free to Play battle Royale Spellbreak
Credit: Proletariat

Limited-time Modes

Spellbreak will also introduce a variety of limited-time modes that utilize the crazy mechanics of the game.


In a game of mages, one might think about making a guild full of skilled mages and dominating the battleground. The addition of guilds is also confirmed in the roadmap discussion.

With the addition of guilds, we can also expect some sort of guild vs guild battle mode being introduced.

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