Speedrun YouTuber Apollo Legend Reportedly Found Dead Following Suicide Letter

Speedrun community YouTuber Apollo Legend has reportedly been found dead in his own apartment following a suicide letter that surfaced recently.

On December 30th, 2020 Benjamin Smith or more commonly known as Apollo Legend published a video on his second YouTube channel. In the video, Apollo talked about taking his own life and how he dealt with mental and physical illness all his life. The video was later taken down by YouTube as it violated their policy.

In the video description, Apollo mentioned DarkViper and EZScape for pushing him over the edge. Apollo also mentioned that he is constantly in pain and he suffered from stress.

Apollo Legend Reported Dead:

After the suicide video/letter came to light many people tried to contact Apollo but failed. Apparently, the police were involved to ensure the safety of Apollo and check up on him.

A Twitter account called TheSpectreRep confirmed the news of Apollo Legends’ death. Apparently, police were en route to Apollo’s home to check up on him after a call from the individual to help Apollo Legend.

Police made their way to Apollo’s house and initially thought nobody was home but later made entry and found Apollo deceased. According to the tweet, the police did not provide any cause of death. The tweet says,

“And the final update on @Apollo_Legend_ Police made entry into his house. It is now confirmed he is deceased. No cause of death or anything more than that was provided as they need to inform do everything right by his family, but I can confirm this much.”

Apollo Legend apparently took his own life according to the same source. The tweet says, “I truly wish I could have brought some good news as we close out he year, and I am devastated–truly devastated–to have broken the news to you all that @Apollo_Legend_ took his own life. Please get help if you’re feeling suicidal. I mean it. Good night.”

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