Sony might reveal the PS5 in CES 2020

The future is coming

Sony’s latest tease seems to mean that sony is hinting at a big reveal at CES 2020. This whole month there was a lot of talk regarding PS5’s new patent for controller design. Looks like we might finally see what the future is like for sony at CES 2020.

This all started a rumor mill cause sony in their official landing page revealed a tease saying are you ready. After Xbox revealed the Xbox series X, everyone was really surprised that Sony didn’t reveal anything major about the PS5. Maybe Sony didn’t want to show all their cards at once. And decided to wait until Xbox shows what they are cooking behind the scene.

Sony teases a reveal at CES 2020
Sony teases a reveal at CES 2020

Earlier this month early dev kit of PS5 was spotted online. And people were quick to clarify that it was just a DEv kit. The real PS5 might not look anything like this. This was also true for the PS4. Before its reveal in 2013, the devkit that was floating around the internet looked nothing like the PS4 we know and love today.

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Looking back it is really possible that the final version of the PS5 might look a lot different from the Devkit. This generation both the Xbox and PS5 seems to be prioritizing performance and cooling. These consoles look really different especially the Xbox series X.

Console nowadays are sharing more DNA with gaming PCs than ever before. The upcoming new Xbox is rumored to have roughly 12 teraflops of GPU prowess. How the PS5 will meet the competition is really exciting to see. This CES Sony might finally reveal all that the company is planning for the future of gaming.

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