Sony might be in talks to buy Warframe developers

Sony is apparently trying to acquire the owner of Warframe and Gears Tactics developers, Leyou Holdings.

It seems Sony is preparing themselves for the next-gen console war by expanding their arsenal of studios and developers. As, a Bloomberg report states that the videogame giant is in talks to buy Leyou Holdings, A Honk-Kong based firm.

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Leyou holding is the parent company of Digital Extremes, developers of the free MMO: Warframe and Splash Damage, the team behind Gears Tactics.

Even though Leyou wanted to retire from the video game business and tried selling to iGames, part of Tencent. Eventually, the agreement came to be unsuccessful due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Now Sony is trying to cash in on the opportunity and load up their already marvelous team of studios with another talented group of developers.

Digital Extremes’ caliber is already proven by their consistent support and dedication towards Warframe which is now continuously growing; with its change in gameplay features and maps, etc.

The games by either of the developers would be exclusives as huge number of players are already on other platforms. Nevertheless, they can still create new IPs; common by Sony as they are currently at the top of their game in making brilliant single-player worlds, this generation.

We know PlayStation fans will be cheering for it, but this is barely close to being a reality. So only time will tell.

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