Sony Finally Reveals What The PS5 Will Look Like

In a live stream event today Sony finally revealed what the PS5 Console will look like.

The Livestream began at 1 PM PDT/9 PM BST/4 PM EDT. It lasted around 90 minutes and showed off a lot of games. These include games like Horizon Forbidden West, Spider-man: Miles Morales, A Ratchet and Clank Game, and many more.

Everything except the price and official release date was revealed in the Livestream. We didn’t get any price for the Playstation 5. The release date was also not confirmed but it will probably be coming later this year.

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Sony PS5 Console

The PS5 looks very different from previous consoles released by Sony. In the cinematic reveal the PS5 was seen standing up. Now people are wondering if it can be laid down on its side or not. The cooling vents seem to be on the top along the sides. The white black and blue lighting sure looks good. There will also be a full digital version without a disc drive.

Credit: PS5 & Sony

PS5 DualSense Controller

The PS5 will have a DualSense Wireless controller that will have its very own charging port.

PS5 Controller
PS5 Controller
Ps5 charging station.
Controller Charging Station

PS5 HD Webcam

The PS5 will also have HD Webcam support. But as of right now we do not know what are the specs of the webcam.

hd camera
HD Camera PS5

PS5 Media Remote

There will also be a Media remote with it that matches a similar white style as the PS5 itself.

remote ps5
Media Remote PS5

PS5 Wireless Headphones

The PS5 also features a set of PULSE 3D Wireless Headsets that are no doubt of top quality.

ps5 heasets
Wireless Headsets

And that concludes the general overview of the PS5 and what it looks like and what type of accessories it might have. At last here is the link to the PS5 cinematic trailer that showcases the PS5 in all its glory.

PS5 Hardware Reveal Trailer

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