Sons of the Forest: Best Ways To Increase Strength

Ashia Bente Rabbani
By Ashia Bente Rabbani
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Strength is one of the most important aspects of the Sons of the Forest game, and it will help you deal damage heavily to your enemies more. This guide will show you the best ways to increase strength.

Sons of the Forest is both a Horror and Surviving plot-based video game. Players will play on an island where the inhabitants there are cannibalistic. You must survive among those cannibalistic people and complete the missions. Players will get weapons and gears to fight off foes.

Players will also have their place to build, and they can also set up fires at night. You will meet a deaf companion whom you can command to help you with your chores; his name is Kelvin. There will be different endings at the end of the game for each player for their choice. You can also play this game solo or with friends, as the game’s map is vast. There is a Strength Icon in the game that shows player stats.

Strength is used to deal damage to enemies with melee weapons. The more the strength is in amount, the more you can deal damage heavily while fighting the enemies. There are certain ways to increase strength, and gameplay is very important in the future.

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Best Ways To Increase Strength

To increase Strenght, you can follow the ways below:

Use a Weapon

You can work with your melee weapon in the wild and do some physical tasks; this way, you can surely increase your Strenght. You can also use a melee weapon while you do the melee actions in this game. Engaging and performing melee actions with melee weapons will gradually help you increase strength.

Chop Down Trees

You can do this particular task, and it will increase your power and also your strength. Also, you will get wood to light a fire. Like any other melee action, you can chop down trees in the forests of this game with melee weapons. And in this way, you can increase your strength.

Eat Plenty of Foods

You will find various types of foods in different locations in the game. You will find fruits such as berries, and also you will find meat items. You could consume more and more and check your player stats to see if they had risen. If you consume enough food, your strength will increase and show in the battles.

Players can also harvest vegetables and hunt down animals for meat. They can cook their meals in the game and easily consume them or stock them for later use.

These are the best ways to increase strength in Sons of the Forest.

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