Sons Of The Forest: 5 Best Things To Build First

Learn about all the best things you can build in Sons of The Forest.

Sons of the Forest has already captured the attention of gamers. Developed by Endnight Games, this game has been long-awaited by fans of the original The Forest game and has garnered significant attention since its release.

Set in a forest environment, Sons of the Forest allows players to explore a vast, immersive world filled with dangerous creatures and challenging obstacles. Players are tasked with survival in a hostile and unforgiving environment, where they must collect resources, build structures, and fend off enemies to stay alive.

One of the key features of Sons of the Forest is its emphasis on crafting and building. Players can create various tools and weapons from the resources they gather in the environment, including traps, explosives, and even vehicles. The game also includes a dynamic and detailed construction system that allows players to build intricate structures and defenses to protect themselves from enemies.

Now, to talk about buildings thing and all, there are a couple of items that you should build as soon as possible; these will also be worthwhile. What are these, you might ask. Without further ado, let’s get into this.

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5 Best Things To Build First in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest offers players two building styles to create their ideal base. One of the styles is similar to its predecessor, The Forest, where players can place down construction blueprints. This can be done through the guidebook, accessed via the inventory. Each building category can be explored using the right tab or clicking the buttons at the bottom; players can scroll through each page.

The free-build system in the game offers players endless possibilities to create elaborate structures within their base by placing floors and walls. However, there are also pre-built structure blueprints available in the guidebook. These blueprints offer players a range of pre-built structures that can be used to construct a base.

Players can choose from various pre-built structures such as cabins, shelters, and hunting. Cabins offer a larger space and can be used to house multiple players. Shelters, on the other hand, are smaller and offer less space but can be used as a quick hideout from enemies. Hunting structures like traps and platforms can catch animals or scout for enemies.

The pre-built structure blueprints offer players a quick and easy way to construct their base without worrying about the placement and design of each piece. This is particularly useful for players who are new to the game and have yet to become familiar with the free-build system. Let’s see what we have in our stash for the 5 best things you can build in Sons of the Forest.

05. Defensive Wall

Defensive Wall! Yes, that’s right, a wall meant to defend you. Who would have thought of such a thing?

Not only will the Defensive Wall slow the cannibals down, but it will also provide you with an extra layer of defense. Because we all know how effective walls are at keeping out unwanted guests. Just ask the Great Wall of China – oh wait, that didn’t work out so well.

So, when cannibals are stalking you, don’t panic! Just place a Defensive Wall and watch as they struggle to climb over it. Sure, they might eventually figure it out and breakthrough, but hey, at least you got a few extra seconds to prepare yourself. And who knows, maybe they’ll get tired of trying and give up. Or maybe not.

04. Campfire & Tent

You have to manually save your progress using a Shelter Tent made from a Tarp and a Stick. Moreover, in multiplayer mode, each player must set up their own bed, and constructing a base that can accommodate all players during the night is advisable.

Early in the game, players must have a place to cook food, and campfires can be constructed using sticks and rocks. While the Shelter Tent remains a convenient option for saving the game, players will eventually need to upgrade from it.

03. Storage

In Sons of the Forest, having a designated storage area for all your collected items is a must to ensure you have the necessary resources at hand when required. Without proper storage, essential items such as food, drinks, and medications may need to be left behind, which could have dire consequences in your quest to survive.

To cater to different storage needs, Sons of the Forest provides various storage options, including stick storage for sticks, rock storage for rocks, and wall shelves for consumables like food and drinks. This ensures that items can be stored in an organized and efficient manner, making it easier to find and access them when needed.

As you roam through the island, exploring the numerous camps, caves, and bunkers, you’ll encounter various items, ranging from energy drinks to Crunchie Wunchies and Ramen Noodles. Therefore, the availability of multiple storage options ensures that you can keep your inventory organized and accessible at all times.

Stick Storage6x Stick
Bone Storage7x Stick
Rock Storage7x Stick
Log Storage8x Stick
Requirements for various types of Storage

02. Animal Trap

In general, there are Two types of traps: those for smaller animals and those for larger prey like deer, cannibals, or mutants. You should set up a variety of traps around your base. Moreover, you can also set up some in areas where smaller animals may have a possibility to spawn to ensure a constant supply of food and your safety.

Setting up these traps will not only provide a source of food for your character but also prevent attacks from hostile creatures. By having a diverse range of traps around your base, you can ensure that you are always prepared for whatever challenges may come your way. Remember, in Sons of the Forest, survival depends on careful planning and preparation.

Small Animal Trap14x Stick
Fish Trap25x Stick
Bird Trap 1x Stick
1x Cloth
1x Skull
Bone Maker Trap2x Stick
3x Leaf
1x Rope
3x Rock
1x Bottle Vodka
Fly Swatter Trap10x Sticks
3x Stones
1x Rope
Requirements for various types of Trap

01. Bow and arrows

Danger lurks around every corner. While the Animal Traps can provide a source of food, hunting will be necessary to ensure a steady supply. Fortunately, the game allows players to craft a Bow, which can be a valuable asset in combat and hunting.

To craft a Bow, players will need 1x stick, some cloth, and a rope, while arrows require 2x feather, 2x stick, and 4x small rocks. One of the benefits of using a Bow is the ability to attack enemies from a distance, both on the ground and in trees.

By using a Bow, players can increase their chances of survival and exploration in Sons of the Forest. It is important to remember to collect any fired arrows as they can be scarce to come by. Overall, being properly equipped with weapons and ammunition can make a significant difference in the game’s outcome.

And that is all I had for the best 5 things to build in Sons of the Forest. Check out our other cooked materials, like all console commands and cheats, and how to get the Katana in Sons of the Forest. Prosst!

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