Some critical Warzone bugs are getting fixed in the latest August 24 Patch

The latest Call of Duty Modern Warfare & Warzone patch of August 24 is live now, and players are finally getting some quality of life improvements along with other crucial fixes. Meanwhile, some old bugs got completely ignored.

Platform-wise the update size will vary, for PC it’s 11.3 GB, PS4 10.6 GB & Xbox 14.09 GB. Main fixes and updates are regarding the UI, Weapon & some general fixes. It includes the removal of annoying invulnerable gas mask bug, random parachute opening bug, unavailable self-revive kit in the inventory bug, and much more. There is no specific weapon nerf or buff coming this time but some changes are being applied to the thermal optics & tracers.

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Warzone Fixes & Updates :

  • Fix for an issue where the gas mask could become invulnerable 
  • Fixed a bug where the yellow highlighting of your name in the Squad widget was missing from BR Buy Back 
  • Fix for a bug where the parachute could open randomly when jumping over certain areas of the map 
  • In BR Quads, the player’s minimap icon had both the downed icon and arrow when the player started the Most Wanted contract. This has been fixed 
  • Fixed a bug where the loot dropped from a squadmate who died in the gulag would be available for other squad members to pick up if they enter the same gulag 
  • Fixed a bug where players will observe no ping audio from a spectator creating world pings 
  • Various fixes for issues with Self Revive: 
    • Players may see no UI for Self Revive after buying it at a kiosk, then see the Self Revive ‘Use’ UI right before the player dies when downed but too late to be able to revive themselves
    • Players may see no UI for Self Revive and when downed, they are able to use a Self Revive
    • Players may be unable to buy a Self Revive at a kiosk stating “The player already has this item”, despite not having one in their inventory
COD Warzone
Call Of Duty : Warzone

Weapon Fixes & Updates :

  • Adjusted weapon stats graphs to better match rate of fire and post-launch weapon balancing 
  • Fix for a bug where tracers could lose their impact VFX when the ammunition is changed from the default 5.56 NATO ammunition on the M4
  • Sniper – Thermal Scope: lowered optic resolution and reduced thermal range 
  • Adding ‘HEI’ (High Explosive Incendiary) label to cosmetic dismembering ammo types 

Demands from Warzone Playerbase is still not fulfilled through this update. Additionally, a new Heartbeat Sensor glitch has just popped up.

The Heartbeat sensor bug is quite old but still unfixed. So what happens is that when a player decides to use the Heartbeat sensor, the game/screen freezes for 3-5 seconds. Which is enough to get you killed in the fast-paced Warzone environment. Also, a waiting room bug has appeared in-game.

With these bugs now informed we might have to wait for further updates. Developers are yet to address the really annoying Heartbeat sensor problem. However, some critical week old bugs are still pissing off players & streamers. The latest patch update did not get everything quite right. Twitter is not happy with the update and especially the update size. Xbox players are having a hard time understanding why their update size is bigger compared to a PC or PS4.

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