Some Bethesda games will be exclusive to Xbox

Phil Spencer confirmed that some future Bethesda games will be exclusive to the Xbox brand.

Last year Microsoft announced their plans of acquisition with ZeniMax Media. The parent company of gaming giant Bethesda. Instantly, gaining the attention and excitement of all gamers, especially Xbox owners.

Yesterday, the acquisition was officially completed and now Bethesda and its diverse studios are now under Xbox’s wings. The studios’ classic IPs and Microsoft’s huge funding ability make a sweet combination for any Xbox fans. Consequently, questions arose about how much of these games will be exclusive to Microsoft’s platform. Especially because Bethesda makes successful and loved titles for all systems. But now this has been answered.

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In the latest Xbox Wire addressing the new acquisition deal, Phil Spencer focused on how Bethesda’s talent will be best experienced on Xbox, PC in addition to Xbox Game Pass, by giving them the best foundation to work on. In the end, he mentioned that additional Bethesda games will soon come to Xbox Game Pass.

Furthermore, he talks about working together to make Xbox an inclusive platform for all players, and that some Bethesda new games will be exclusive to Xbox and PC players.

On the other hand, Microsoft confirmed that Bethesda will still be ”making games the way it always has”. Meaning that not all games will remain exclusive. Hence, PlayStation or Switch owners won’t miss out on at least some Bethesda titles.

Moreover, different studios from the company are working on multiplatform games. Such as Deathloop, Ghostwire:Tokyo. In fact, Both titles are releasing first on PlayStation. However, it is likely that the newly announced Indiana Jones game will be Xbox exclusive.

Even though, the biggest titles of Bethesda, Elder Scrolls 6, Starfield got revealed way back, as multiplatform games. There is no official statement on whether that will change. Nevertheless, it is obvious that at least one or two of the popular ones will be playable only on Xbox or PC.

Now that Bethesda Softworks and its 8 heavy hitter studios are now officially a part of Microsoft. The Xbox creators have some explosive list of franchises in their arsenal. Enough to reign supreme for a long time.

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