Sniper Elite 5: Best Weapon Loadouts

Learn about the best weapon loadouts in Sniper Elite 5 and prepare yourself to take down the Axis powers with finesse

Sniper Elite 5 is quickly becoming a fan-favorite game this year. Not only did it improve the already excellent stealth gameplay from its predecessors, but it also introduced a lot more customization options. Loads of attachments are unlockable and useable through the workbench to create your perfect Nazi-hunting machine. Unlockable through workbenches and kill challenges.

In this guide, we’ve recommended some of the best guns and their loadouts in Sniper Elite 5. Although anyone can have their personal preference according to their playstyle, these are some of the best weapon combinations.

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Best Sniper Rifle Loadouts in Sniper Elite 5

These are the primary weapons and should be your most reliable weapon for any mission. They consist of medium to long-range sniper rifles and marksmen rifles—ideal for dropping enemies off from a distance with a lot of firepowers.

Allrounder Sniper Rifle


Sniper Elite 5 Best Sniper Loadouts
  • Audible Range: 128 meters
  • Fire Rate: 46 rpm
  • Damage: 108 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 500 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 6


  • Magazine – Extended magazine
  • Stock – Magazine Pouch
  • Reciever – Short Travel Trigger 

SREM-1 is a unique sniper rifle because it has a good fire rate even though it is a bolt-action. In contrast, all the other similar mechanism rifles have a slower rate of fire. Furthermore, it is well balanced when it comes to power, range, and control, making the SREM-1 a versatile rifle.

It doesn’t mean it can be used for extremely long ranges or short-range combats, but it keeps a good balance between the two. Hence, it is also a great weapon if you’re new to the series or stealth games in general, as it helps you learn all the gameplay mechanics for both campaign and multiplayer modes. Since the SREM-1 has balanced stats, you can also attach other attachments to push it to one specific playstyle more. The downside is that it will lose its versatility.

Mid Range Sniper Rifle

M1A Carbine 

M1A Carbine 
  • Audible Range: 105 meters
  • Fire Rate: 420 rpm
  • Damage: 79 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 8x
  • Magazine Size: 15


  • Barrel – MK II-S Suppressor
  • Magazine – 30rd Extended Magazine
  • Stock – Wooden Pad
  • Reciever – Short Travel Trigger

The M1A Carbine also has a great fire rate and is very silent. This means you can use it for close to mid-range encounters quite well. For long-range shooting, it has some damage drop-off and also weaker firepower. It doesn’t mean it becomes useless for longer ranges; you have to put in a few more bullets into the enemies. But, considering its high fire rate, it really is not a problem either.

Now, if you’re looking for rifles that one-shots enemies from afar, there are a lot of options to choose from, but neither will they have a reasonable fire rate nor good noise suppression. So you have to master pure stealth.

RSC 1918

Sniper Elite 5 Loadouts
  • Audible Range: 150 meters
  • Fire Rate: 250 rpm
  • Damage: 127 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 400 ms
  • Zoom: 6x
  • Magazine Size: 5


  • Barrel – Extended marksmen
  • Muzzle – Bramit suppressor
  • Magazine – 30rd Extended Magazine

RSC 1918 is easy to control due to its low recoil and muzzle velocity. It also has a good fire rate and firepower, making it ideal for medium-range sniping and occasional long-range sniping.

Occasional because of its low muzzle velocity means aiming at large distances can be tricky, and also wind speed will significantly affect the direction and movement of bullets.

Long Range Sniper Rifle

Karabiner 98

Sniper Elite 5 Loadouts Sniper Rifle Kar98


  • Barrel – Extended marksmen
  • Muzzle – Bramit suppressor or FG42 compensator.
  • Magazine – Gew98 Pressure Magazine.
  • Stock – Leather Pad
  • Foregrip – Thick tape

Karabiner 98 or Kar98 is the strongest and also one of the loudest in the game. But it has a low fire rate, meaning if you miss one shot, then there’s a high chance you have to relocate before firing a second chance, or else you’ll be spotted easily. Even using a silencer only barely helps.

But the Kar98’s high power lets you one-shot even the strongest enemies from the longest distance. Hence, if you want to feel like a true sniper, then this is the best weapon to use. Make sure to balance your arsenal with a good secondary because you will die using this in medium to short-range encounters.

Best Secondary Loadouts in Sniper Elite 5

These are your secondary weapons and will help you get out of sticky situations. Hence, focused on close and mid-range encounters and are all sub-machine guns or assault rifles.

M1A1 Gov Thompson

M1A1 Gov Thompson
  • Audible Range: 100 meters
  • Fire Rate: 680 rpm
  • Damage: 45 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
  • Zoom: 1X
  • Magazine Size: 20

The M1A1 Gov, more popularly known as the Tommy Gun, is reliable and fast, especially after some modification. Its base model only holds 20 bullets, which is lacking for a stealth game. Trade the magazine out with a 100RD Drum mag to make it an unstoppable killing machine.

Its high rate of fire and recoil can be controlled by adding grips and stock. We recommend the Austen Control foregrip, Aim X6 rear grip, and a Lightweight stock. While other SMGs offer less damage, but all other stats are well compensated, the M1A1 Gov can be made a beast with proper modding, topping the rest.

Machine Pist.44

Sniper Elite 5 Loadouts Secondary
  • Audible Range: 100 meters
  • Fire Rate: 500 rpm
  • Damage: 45 HP
  • Recoil Recovery: 300 ms
  • Zoom: 1X
  • Magazine Size: 30

The Machine Pist.44 is incredible even without any attachments, but if you still want some personal touch. We recommend foregrips and rear grips to control the insane recoil this gun offers. Other than that, this rifle can shoot down an enemy in one shot. Additionally, you can also use scopes and silencers since this gun has some good range as well.


Sniper Elite 5 Loadouts Pistol

For pistols, you can keep anyone of them. Just make sure to make them as silenced as possible since you’ll only be using them in extremely close-ranged takedowns. The Welrod is a good option if you’re looking for a stealth run. It has high damage and a built-in silencer but contains only one bullet. Apart from that, the M1911 or Luger is a standard weapon of choice with great all-around stats.

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