Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters may be confirmed from leak

According early 4chan leaks Smash Bros Ultimate next DLC fighters might as well be confirmed

A post on 4chan earlier this year randomly talked about the next 6 DLC fighters for Nintendo’s mega-hit Super Smash Bros. Furthermore, although taken with salt during that time, it turns out 3 of them were true. Now fans are speculating that the next 3 will be consistent with the DLC leak as well.

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The Super Smash Bros Ultimate recently announced the addition of Min Min, Steve, and everyone’s favorite Sephiroth. Although the first one wasn’t much of a head-turner among the Smash Bros Ultimate community. Sephiroth and Steve from Minecraft blew everyone out of their minds. Especially Steve, which is a very different character than the rest.

Masahiro Sakurai revealed in January that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would be getting 6 more DLC characters as part of Fighter Pack 2. The leak on 4chan was posted in May.

Super Smash Bros DLC fighters leak from 4chan

As of now three of the announced fighters match this leak. If this is true, the next Smash Bros Ultimate DLC fighters will be Ryu Hayabusa from Ninja Gaiden, Doomguy, and Rayman. Additionally, there were strong rumors for the inclusion of Ryu and Doomguy, so this leak seems more true-er than ever right now.

All the latest Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLCs have been very interesting and diverse. They are super fun to play with. We expect the same from the upcoming ones, but a lot of fans may be dissatisfied. Well, everyone has their preferences.

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