Six Invitational ‘Phase 3’ Twitch Drops will continue with a slight update

Although the Six Invitational 2021 has been postponed to a later date, Ubisoft has now confirmed that the ‘phase 3’ of the Invitational Twitch Drops is happening.

For the fifth edition of the Six Invitationals, Ubisoft separated the twitch drops into three phases, with phase 1 already completed. The “esports packs” that dropped during phase 2 has been a huge success for the Siege community, and Ubisoft would like to continue this success after phase 2 ends on Feb. 17th.

As there is not going to be a Twitch stream for the tournament, Ubisoft has decided to include the Rainbow Six esports teams in the new ‘phase 3’ drops program.

PHASE 3 (FEBRUARY 18th – 20th)

“Pro players and coaches from teams that are part of the R6 Share program or that qualified for the Six Invitational 2021 Esports competition will have drops enabled on their Twitch channels and will drop exclusive SI charms,” Ubisoft stated on their website.

The rewards for the ‘phase 3’ Twitch Drops include:

S.I. 2021 on February 18th – Watch 4 hours of R6S on eligible streams

Charm Siege 6 SI2021
Image: Ubisoft

S.I. 2021 GAME on February 19th – Watch 4 hours of R6S on eligible streams

Charm Siege Game SI2021game
Image: Ubisoft

S.I. 2021 COMMUNITY on February 20th – Watch 4 hours of R6S on eligible streams

Charm Siege Community SI2021community
Image: Ubisoft

Although the charms might seem a little underwhelming for some players, it is still a positive step taken by Ubisoft to support the esports players and the coaching staff.

Ubisoft will also hold their ‘Year-End’ celebration on Feb. 21st, filled with exciting showmatches, future roadmaps, and more. In this celebration, viewers will get the chance of getting 1 esports pack every hour on the official R6S streams from Feb 21st from 4 pm UTC to 8 pm UTC.

Some additional items such as the Tachanka bundle has been removed from the drop program for now, and more details on these will be shared later by Ubisoft.

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List of ‘Phase 3’ streamers:

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