Singaporean player allegedly match-fixing during VALORANT Ignition series

Earlier today, retired professional VALORANT player Calel has exposed another Pro Player GermSg of Match-fixing during the VALORANT Ignition series. He has been accused of betting on the opponent team in the group stage matches and throwing the game.

VALORANT Ignition is a series of tournaments organized by third parties in association with Riot Games to promote the game in their respective regions. One such tournament is the Epulze Royal SEA Cup which is a part of the Ignition series. It was held in September 2020 and featured a $25,000 USD prize. Vision Strikers were the champions of that tournament.

Germsg was a player for team Resurgence competing in that tournament. In the Group stages of the tournament they had two matches against BlackBird Ignis and Paper Rex.

In a match vs BlackBird Ignis, there has been proof of germsg betting $3000 USD for his team Resurgence to lose. From that bet alone he has made more than $4000 USD in profits. It could be even more but that was the only information known so far.

As Esports continues to become a dominant sport, similarly the betting scenes for it continues to grow. Unfortunately, with players like germsg, there are many more germs in the esports scene. There are organizations always in search of such unethical cases as well as combat against the illegal betting sites that have sprung up.

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