Sinatraa Went Live on Twitch for the 1st Time Since Being Accused of Sexual Assault

Nawshad Noor
By Nawshad Noor
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Credit: Sinatraa Twitch channel

Sinatraa recently went live on Twitch for the first time in over two months. This is his first stream after being accused of sexual assault.

Jay Won, more commonly known online as Sinatraa was recently accused of sexual assault by his ex-girlfriend Cleo. Following these accusations, Sinatraa was suspended from the VALORANT Masters tournament and his position in the tournament was given to TenZ.

Soon after that Cleo said that she had filed a police report against Sinatraa and an investigation was ongoing. Riot also investigated and recently published the ruling for the accusations against Sinatraa. According to the investigation team, they were unable to reach a conclusion.

Sinatraa received a 6 month-long suspension from Competitive VALORANT for failing to comply with the investigation.

Recently Sinatraa went live on Twitch for the first time since accusations against him came to light.

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Sinatraa Livestream:

Just a few hours ago Sinatraa went live on Twitch. Soon after the stream started, more than 20k people started watching him according to some claims.

At one point during the stream one viewer asked Sinatraa, “Are you going to return to pro play after the ban?”.

Sinatraa replied to this question with a very short answer. His answer was “probably, yeah “. So apparently Sinatraa has plans to return as a VALORANT pro after his suspension ends on September 10, 2021.

According to Valorant News on Twitter, Sinatraa apparently removed ‘pro player’ from his Twitter Bio. Maybe he plans to change it back once his suspension ends.

But according to Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend Cleo, investigations are still ongoing by law enforcement officials. We will have to wait and see how this story develops in the future to know if Sinatraa will indeed be able to return to the VALORANT pro scene once again.

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