Sinatraa suspended from participating in VALORANT Masters following sexual assault allegations

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Picture Credit: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

After facing serious sexual abuse allegations from his ex-girlfriend, Sinatraa’s VALORANT career is now at stake. Riot officials have temporarily blocked his entry from the upcoming VALORANT Masters event. 

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Earlier today, Sinatraa’s ex-girlfriend posted a lengthy document that described his approach towards her during their relationship. Most of her writings contain shreds of evidence that could potentially end up with a legal battle. After a brief period of silence & tension, Riot officials have finally issued a statement regarding the situation. 

Riot’s Statement

The North-American VALORANT Masters event will start on March 12. Previously, Sinatraa’s team Sentinels dominated the VALORANT Challengers series with relative ease making them one of the 8 teams that qualified for the event.  However, due to Riot’s ongoing investigation regarding the sexual abuse claims from his ex-girlfriend, Sinatraa won’t be able to take part in the Masters event. 

Statement from Sentinels

While the eSports community is waiting for Sinatraa’s statement, the current investigation will certainly provide significantly more context about the situation. On the other hand, Sinatraa’s sudden absence from the team will surely have a negative impact on the squad. Sentinels is yet to name a replacement for the former Overwatch professional.

His teammate Michael “dapr” Gulino reacted to Riot’s announcement by saying “jay wont be playing with us for masters, gonna try to make the best out of yet another horrible situation nevertheless”.

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However, Sinatraa has turned off commenting options in his YouTube videos and has been absent from Twitch since her accusations went public. Currently, the story is taking over social media platforms like Twitter by storm. While a huge number of people are being sympathetic towards his ex-girlfriend, others are waiting to hear Sinatraa’s side of the story. Nonetheless, Sinatraa is yet to post anything about the issue.

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