Simple Changes to Fortnite that are Good for every player base

Some of these are just too obvious

One of Fortnite’s biggest strength comes from Epic’s ability to quickly make changes that are essential to player experiences.

Reddit user Professional-Account came up with a list of easy fixes for the game that would be a huge quality of life improvement for players. Some of these are so obvious that it is baffling that Epic has not yet implemented these features.

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Below is a list of changes and additions that either casual or competitive players would benefit from which could make this game last for decades. I also believe these changes/additions would benefit Epic Games from a financial perspective:

  • Field of View Slider
    • A Field of View slider allows players to adjust the view of their character model. This helps players with motion sickness. Everyone is different and certain fields of view can cause nausea and other symptoms. The slider addresses the unique needs of every kind of gamer, casual and competitive and the introduction of such a feature would likely bring many players back to the game.
  • Separate Loot Pools for Casual and Competitive Playlists
    • This is something Epic has commented on before. They prefer their competitive playlists to feature the same items that are in casual modes. However, since they have said this, they actually have already changed the competitive loot pool to take away certain items. Some items are extremely fun but don’t really belong in a competitive environment. It’s always debatable as to which weapons/items don’t belong, but Epic Games working in tandem with the Fortnite players association and competitive representatives could develop a healthy relationship in determining what official competitive modes and tournaments should and should not feature. This draws more competitive players to the game and also helps Epic Games put itself in the conversation of becoming a true esport like Overwatch and integrating itself as a staple in the already rapidly growing esports leagues in high schools and colleges around the country.
  • Removal of Forced Cross-Play
    • Forced cross-play is a difficult topic. On the one hand, we may not realize the true player count of this game. Perhaps forced cross-play is necessary to find matches quickly without having very long queue times. Perhaps not. Either way, a statement from Epic Games on why they feel the need to have forced cross-play would be a great bridge in the communication gap that currently exists. Could a dev speak to this issue? Is it about player count and queue times? Or something else?
  • Arena Awards
    • One of Epic Games’ main goals is to make sure casual players enjoy the game. This is why Skill-Based Matchmaking exists in the game. Players who have a 0.50 kill/death ratio shouldn’t have to go up against a content creator with an 11.0 kill/death ratio. It’s not really fun for anyone involved and it’s likely that the less skilled player leaves the game frustrated. Not everyone has the time to grind the game and become an incredible player. All the more reason for Fortnite to create awards for players at different division levels in Arena mode. This creates a reason for competitive players to play Arena aside from trying to gain Hype for tournaments and also pushes players on the border between casual and competitive to maybe improve through some more challenging matches. Exclusive skins, pickaxes, gliders, etc. could be available through this rewards system. Epic could create items that go along with these rewards that are only available through the shop. This could potentially boost item shop sales. You still get something cool, but to complete the set you’ve gotta save some vbucks!
  • Buy-In Tournaments
    • Speaking of vbucks, how about some weekly tournaments where you can win vbucks? Maybe you can wager Hype points as a tournament entry fee? This helps Epic Games because they don’t necessarily have to create an additional large prize pool for this in terms of cash. Just for vbucks or maybe for a skin.
  • Separate Building and Editing Sensitivities for Mouse and Keyboard Players
    • Just a small QoL change. Controller players have this, and it would be great if Mouse and Keyboard could too! The more uniform the settings between inputs, the better.
  • Input-Based Matchmaking?
    • It would be interesting to at least test this out, right? We have plenty of test events, why not this? Aim assist debates are rampant on the main subreddit and the competitive subreddit. Perhaps, in a test event or just a week of testing in regular modes, controller players vs. controller players, and mouse and keyboard vs. mouse and keyboard players, etc.? We have had platform based tournaments, but that doesn’t mean input-based. Should we try this out? What is the harm in testing it for an event, or a day, or a week? This might help people who feel the other input is unfair and they don’t enjoy playing against it.
  • Locker Outfit Presets
    • We love skins. Many of us have spent too much on them over the last couple of years… That being said, many players spend time trying to create an outfit either for fun or for a competitive tournament. Having the ability to save entire outfits (skin, backbling, pickaxe, contrails, etc.) as a Preset, would save a ton of time, and it would likely encourage players to buy more skins, knowing that they won’t feel overwhelmed by all of the mixing and matching they have to do over and over again. Instead, they can build a custom outfit for their favorite skin, save it, and have it ready to go in the Locker.
  • Patch Notes and Communication
    • The excitement around reading patch notes drew people to this game. Sure, there were some bad patches and the community reacted poorly, but such is the nature of this business. You win some, you lose some. Bring patch notes back and let’s see more activity from the devs in both the casual and competitive communities!

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