Siege Dev clarifies the total defuse timer after G2 vs Empire match

Rainbow Six Siege’s total defuse timer is longer than you might have previously known.

In playday 6 of R6 European League, G2 Esports faced off against Team Empire, and their matchup never fails to amaze the fans.

Many of the Siege analysts thought Empire wouldn’t stand a chance against this G2 team, considering both of their current form. However, Team Empire managed to put on a tremendous fight, despite being at the bottom of the table.

In this enthralling match, G2 and Empire went back and forth, with both teams winning 4 of their defensive rounds and taking the match to overtime. Empire was the one to get to match point twice, but G2 quickly turned it around and took the match to round 15 overtime match point.

Unfortunately, the final round did see some production issues with both the casters getting muted, which led to a tense showdown with only game audio. G2 on defence went to Tellers and Archives for the last round. And Sheppard managed to plant the defuser in 1F Tellers just at the last millisecond before catching a C4. This eventually led to a 2v2 post-plant situation, with Virtue sticking the defuser with 7.3 seconds left. However, to everyone’s surprise, G2 Esports lost the round and more importantly the match, because of a longer than expected total defuser timer.

While almost the entirety of the Siege community thought that the total defuser timer is 7 seconds, it now turns out to be 7.6 seconds.

Rainbow Six Siege game designer Emilien Lomet quickly shared an explanation on Twitter, clarifying that there is an animation to start the defuse that takes 0.6 seconds. With the animation to stick the defuser and the 7 second defusal time, the total time to completely defuse is actually 7.6 seconds.

Emilien even added that this problem has been present for a long time, and they’ve been “working to change that and have the total time include the animation duration.”

After some testing, players have now found that Attackers don’t have an animation while planting the defuser, so it takes the “stated” 7 seconds total to plant the defuser. This makes it a completely unbalanced game mechanic, which just came to light after this tight match.

Image: @QuinteX_

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only game-breaking issue from that G2 vs Empire defusing situation. JoyStiCK, who was in Archives trying to take down Virtue from below, could not see the Echo because of a client-sided dead body. This means if the total defuser time were 7 seconds, G2 Esports would have won the game and take the crucial 2 points, and Team Empire would have lost the match at overtime match point because of a client side corpse.

@Ubi_Melo has also commented on this issue that reads, “for the client side body situation: I can’t discuss it just yet, but stay tuned”, ending the statement with an eye emoji that could mean the end of client-sided body after years of complaining.

EUL stage 1 still has 3 more playdays to go, with BDS remaining at the top of the table, while G2 sits at 4th place. The next playday will see these two EU giants [G2 v BDS], battling out for a top 4 place of the table.

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