Shroud thinks Respawn should add this feature in Apex Legends

Getting disconnected is no fun

Apex Legend’s infamous disconnection issues are notorious at this point. Shroud thinks that adding a reconnect feature would solve a lot of issues.

Only after some weeks into the games launch Apex Legends players were and still getting disconnected from games left and right. Even after Respawn seems to have fixed some of them. Players still face disconnection issues almost every day.

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Shroud on Apex Legends

Ranked mode is the biggest victim of this issue by far. Since Apex Legends introduced ranked matchmaking in the game, players felt the need for a reconnect feature. Respawn already acknowledged the problem and provides some “forgiveness” in ranked mode.

Even after all that players are still getting disconnected for various reasons. This makes rank push even more frustrating than it should be. Many content creators and streamers like “dizzy” are also vouching for some type of reconnection feature.

Either Apex should fix their awful DC issues or add some types of reconnecting features in future updates. This has been a long time talked about in the Apex community for some time.

On this matter, Respawn has voiced their concern over the fact that cheaters might exploit this reconnect feature in ranked mode. Devs at Respawn have already taken serious action against the infamous “dashboarding” exploit users in the new season 4 assimilation.

Respawn seems to be not in a mood to add this particular feature. Since there is a possibility that this feature may be open to exploitation, devs might never launch this reconnect tool any time soon.

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