Shroud reveals his best three FPS games right now

Michael Grzesiek or more commonly known as “Shroud” is arguable one of the most mechanically gifted FPS players of all time.

Throughout his carrier as a professional CSGO player and now as a variety streamer, Shroud has repeatedly shown the world how gifted he is at clicking heads with a mouse and keyboard. Consequently, fans of the FPS genre of video games are often curious about what Shroud thinks regarding the best FPS games that are out right now.

In a recent YouTube video on his second channel, Shroud talks about his three favorite FPS games in the market right now. According to him, VALORANT, Squad, and Apex legends are currently three of the best FPS games that are out right now.

Shroud reveals his favorite FPS games:

However, keep in mind, that is his top choice for now. This is not an all-time best list. If that was the case then CSGO might also have been on this list. Shroud explains that at this moment VALORANT, Squad, and Apex Legends are 3 of the best FPS games that he is enjoying right now.

Since he no longer plays professionally for any organization anymore, he wants to enjoy more than just purely FPS games. Shroud also loves to play RPG games or games with more progression systems.

On the topic surrounding CSGO, Shroud explained how he thinks NA CSGO is partially dead. However, according to him, on a more casual level, the game is bigger than ever.

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