Shroud Returns To Twitch After Mixer Shut Down

Shroud moves back to the largest streaming platform Twitch after Mixer shuts down its operations and becomes part of Facebook-Gaming.

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is a streamer and former CSGO pro. Shroud is an American streamer and content creator most famous for his godlike aim in FPS games.

He is famous for playing competitive FPS games like PUBG, CSGO, Rainbow 6, etc. From a very young age, he started practicing his aim. Which then helped him achieve the near-perfect aim in FPS games. Shroud used to be a Pro CSGO player before retiring and becoming a full-time streamer on Twitch.

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shroud user to average 40-50k viewers on Twitch which was one of the biggest viewer numbers at that time. But mixer made a deal with him. So shroud started to exclusively stream on Mixer. His viewers drastically reduced after moving to Mixer.

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Mixer Closes Down

Just a few days ago Mixer announced that its operations side is going to shut down. Mixer is now going to become part of Facebook-Gaming. Ninja and Shroud were offered twice the amount Mixer agreed to pay but both of them opted out.

Shroud Move Back To Twitch

Now with Mixer closing down, Shroud moves back to streaming on Twitch. Before moving to Mixer Shroud used to stream on Twitch. So it’s no wonder he decided to move back to the platform that he is most familiar with. Besides Twitch is also the biggest streaming platform so it makes sense for Shroud to move to streaming on Twitch. He recently released a video titled, “I’m Coming Home”. In the video, in the end, we see a link to Shrouds Twitch channel making that he is indeed moving back to Twitch.

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