Shroud on making his own competitive games “I can’t fund it because that’s expensive”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shroudy Rowdy YouTube channel

Shroud is known for his amusing mechanical skills with the mouse and Keyboard. And at the height of his career, he played for C9’s core CSGO roster.

Following the boom of the battle royale genre of video games, Shroud retired from competitive gaming and moved onto the next chapter of his life as a variety streamer. Even though he is mostly known for his amusing mechanical prowess in FPS games, he also loves to dabble in RPGs and a little bit of World of Warcraft.

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In the past, Shroud has described what his ideal game would actually look like. And surprisingly it is not a first-person shooter. According to Shroud, Second life mixed with some fantasy elements would be his ideal video game.

Shroud on making competitive video games

During one of his latest streams on Twitch, one viewer asked Shroud would ever make his own competitive game. To be more precise, the viewer asked if he would hire a bunch of developers to make his own video games.

In response, Shroud explained that’s not how this works, and hiring a bunch of developers for a giant project would actually cost a lot of money. Instead, he would actually like to provide his services in other ways like using his influence on social media platforms to promote video games.

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“I can’t fund it because that’s expensive”, Shroud on funding such a giant project. As making a really high-quality game would take a lot of money, Shroud would love it if anyone actually funds the idea.

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