Shroud on how to make PUBG popular again “I would delete the battle royale”

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Image Credit: Shroud/Mixer

The battle royale genre of video games really rose to prominence with PUBG back in 2017.

During PUBG’s heyday, Shroud was the biggest streamer on Twitch with massive viewership. As people started to move away from PUBG to other games in the same genre, the overall popularity of player unknown battleground also took a massive hit.

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Even though it may not have the numbers it once did back in its prime, there are still a pretty decent amount of players that enjoy PUBG to this day. In a recent streaming session, one of the viewers asked Shroud what would he change to make PUBG popular again.

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The topic starts at 10:55

I would delete the battle royale and I would open modding tools and open dedicated servers“, Shroud on how to make PUBG popular again.

According to Shroud, in order to make PUBG popular again, he would outright delete the battle royale mode. And in its place, he would add modding tools in the game. On top of that, he would also add dedicated servers to let the community do whatever they please.

PUBG is like a very…very solid game that can be turned into anything“, Shroud on adding mod support to the game.

Shroud explains how adding the ability to let players play around in whatever way they want is the way to make PUBG reach its heyday once again. Since PUBG can be tweaked to give players different types of experiences, it can be a great place for modders.

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Maybe some tools to edit the maps and adding some fun game modes can make a lot of players return to PUBG.

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