Shroud just announced that he is going pro in VALORANT

Is this really happening???

Michael Grzesiek, professionally known by his online alias Shroud, just announced to the world that he is going pro in VALORANT.

Yes, you read that correctly. Shroud just tweeted out that he is going pro in VALORANT. Even though Shroud recently made claims that he will never go pro in any kind of eSports ever again, he just dropped this bomb on twitter out of nowhere.

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The only concern now is that he did tweet this out on April 1st. So, it might well be an April fool’s prank on his fans on twitter. But many also think otherwise as most of the pros and streamers who got a chance to play the closed beta for VALORANT reacted in a way that made it seem like this is the best thing that ever happened for FPS games in years.

Is this a joke? Although many Tier-1 organizations like T1 has already made their move and picked up some pro players for their competitive roster in VALORANT, a game that isn’t even out yet. This has caused the internet and Shroud fanboys to go mad with crazy speculations.

Shroud on VALORANT

This announcement came just after Shroud talked about how good the game was. He explicitly said that “VALORANT is the greatest game I have ever played“. He also added that everything is boring after getting a taste of what Riot has been developing for years.

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VALORANT beta will go live on April 7th and the embargo for the closed beta impressions will lift on April 3rd. All this has made the hype train for VALORANT to go absolutely berserk. Hopefully, it will turn out to be as good as everyone thinks it is.

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