Shroud is Not Enjoying the New Halo Infinite Multiplayer

During his recent Halo Infinite multiplayer Livestream, Shroud revealed he simply wasn’t enjoying it.

In a surprising announcement, Microsoft and 343 industries revealed the Halo Infinite free multiplayer was available for PC and Xbox. This announcement came during the 20-year anniversary Livestream of Halo and Xbox consoles. Players can jump in and enjoy the free multiplayer and the Season 1 battle pass starting from November 15th.

Popular Twitch streamer Shroud was also eager to try out the multiplayer and played it for a few hours. At that point, a viewer asked Shroud if he was enjoying playing the Halo multiplayer.

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Shroud’s response surprised many of his viewers as he said he simply wasn’t enjoying it that much. Shroud said,

“uh, not really. it’s about what I expected, to be honest. It’s Halo. It’s cool that it’s free though”

Shroud later revealed that he is more interested in the HaloInfinite Campaign coming out on December 8th and waiting for any cool custom maps.

“I’m more interested in the campaign. I just want to play the campaign and f*ck around there. If there’s any cool customer maps or anything”.

He then went back to playing Battlefield 2042 and hasn’t returned to Halo Multiplayer since.

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