Shroud explains why he thinks that VALORANT’s skill ceiling is a lot lower than Counter-Strike

Nafiu Aziz
By Nafiu Aziz
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Popular streamer Shroud just explained why he thinks that VALORANT’s skill ceiling is much lower than a game like CSGO.

According to Shroud, Riot wanted to entice people who have never played any FPS games in their life before. And in order to attract the maximum amount of players, Riot added these abilities that are slightly easier to execute than their CSGO counterparts.

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Furthermore, Shroud also claimed that there is a skill ceiling in place for a game like CSGO. Although that skill ceiling is way higher for average players who never had any experience with any of the previous versions of Counter-strike like source or 1.6.

A good example of how dumb downed VALORANT is in comparison to CSGO would be its various smoke and flash mechanics. In CSGO, if you don’t know proper smoke and flash placements on various different maps, you are going to have a bad time. Throwing a perfect smoke at an exact place requires a lot of practice.

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A low barrier to entry is a positive sign

However, in VALORANT using an agent like Brimstone, you can easily place smoke in the exact place that you want. You just cannot do things like that in CSGO. Although Shroud also thinks that this is actually a really good idea from Riot as having a small barrier to entry will lure out more players that never had any experience in any other tactical shooter in the past.

This game is trying to reach people that don’t play FPS

Shroud on VALORANT

Shroud further explained that a lot of people who are currently playing VALORANT have not played any other FPS games in their life. And VALORANT is enabling these players to get their feet wet in the world of first-person competitive tactical shooters. At the end of the day, it is a positive sign for a game like VALORANT.

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