Shroud explains why he joined Twitch instead of YouTube or Facebook Gaming

In a Livestream Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek explained his reasoning behind joining Twitch instead of Youtube or Facebook Gaming.

Shroud is a famous American streamer most famous for his insane aim in FPS games. He was a pro-CSGO player for cloud 9 until he retired and started streaming on Twitch full time.

A year ago he was signed by Mixer to take his stream exclusively to Mixer. But recently Mixer was shut down and it became a part of Facebook Gaming. Shroud was offered double the money from his original Mixer deal to move to Facebook Gaming but he declined. According to industry insiders, Shroud received almost 10 Million USD from Mixer.

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Shroud Back To Streaming On Twitch

After taking a 40+ day-long break and being silent on all social media, Shroud announced that he was going to start streaming on Twitch again. On the first day of his stream, he peaked 500k viewers on Twitch.

Shroud Explains Why He Moved Back To Twitch

In a Livestream after his return fans in the Twitch chat asked him if he signed with Twitch? Shroud replied, “Yes, I am streaming exclusively on Nowhere else”.

he also explained his reasoning for coming back to twitch. He said, “Obviously, Twitch is the best duh. Born and raised on this platform.” He also said, “It’s just the biggest and it’s all about gaming and I have some plans”.

So it seems like Shroud has some big plans coming up in the future. His plan revolves around Twitch and gaming. Twitch being the biggest streaming platform in the world regarding gaming content was one of the reasons Shroud came back. His other reason was that he was familiar with the environment because he streamed on Twitch for many years.

He did not clarify what his big plans are so we will just have to wait and see when he brings them to light.

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